Alameda County Fair Preview/Artist Alley Update

Yesterday, I made a pit stop at the Alameda County Fair to get a preview of Artist Alley and to just to have fun!

As a reminder to what Artist Alley is, different artists display their creations and sell them to visitors and locals who attend the fair whether it’s paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, or homemade handicrafts.

As for the actual fair itself, it’s one of America’s pastimes for all ages, whether it’s riding the rides, playing carnival games, eating fried junk food, or exploring the different exhibits, there’s something for everyone! 

While I did enjoy the fair, the main purpose for coming was to do the final advertising for my upcoming card sale to the different vendors at Artist Alley, the exhibition booths, and even a few fairgoers. 

Don’t forget that my upcoming card sale is July 4 – 8 at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair. I’ll be located at Building F in F17, which is next to the Model Railroad Exhibits. The fair hours are 11 AM – 11 PM, except for 4th of July, which the fair will be closed at 6 PM and the fair gates close at 3 PM. The prices for merchandise are as follows:

Greeting Cards:


6 for $5



LARGE- $25

SMALL- $15


Be sure to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and to check out my creations and to buy some cards or paintings! Hope to see you there!

Happy Father’s Day/One Year Later

Hope everyone has a great Father’s Day! Make sure to tell all your father’s and grandfather’s how much you appreciate them!

You may not believe it, but this marks the one year anniversary of the Kevin’s Cards Website! I can’t believe how it went by so fast!

From paintings transformed into new greeting cards, to all the cards I’ve sold, new poster designs, art and wine festivals I’ve visited, and even the new logo and business cards! 

As this website continues to grow and develop, I plan to do more of these things and share my experiences with others and I hope for more successful card sales in the near future, including this year’s Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair! 

Artist Alley Update


One month from today, Kevin’s Cards will be having a card sale July 4-8 at Artist Alley during the Alameda County Fair! Here are some of the updates so far:

-Artist Alley is located in Building F near the Model Railroad Exhibit and my exact location will be announced later this month

-Greeting Card prices are the same as previous card sales ($1 Each, 6 For $5)

-Paintings are $25 for large and $15 for small

-Kevin’s Cards logo and business cards will make their debut

-There maybe a few surprises as well, so keep an eye out for that!


There’s gonna be lots of preparations to take place before the big event, so I’m hoping for a successful sale prior to last year!

Make sure you tell all your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and pick up some cards or paintings! Hope to see you there!

Double Art & Wine Festivals

This weekend, I attended two art shows for the price of one! One took place in Downtown Sunnyvale and the other in Walnut Creek’s Heather Field Park.

Normally, I would only attend one show or festival. However, I needed more ideas for my booth at Artist Alley, and coincidently, both of these events were going on this same week. This meant double the booths and double the ideas! 

While the weather at the last art and wine festival was a little cooler and cloudy, this time the weather was hot and sunny, which was the ideal weather for events like these, even if it does reach over 100 degrees.

While both festivals were similar in style, the biggest difference was that the Sunnyvale Festival was more like a street fair, while Walnut Creek’s was in a park.  During both festivals, I distributed my new business cards to different vendors to promote the upcoming card sale at the Alameda County Fair.

The biggest surprise was seeing Linda Cullen’s bottle cap booth at the Sunnyvale festival, which was something I didn’t expect. With all the research I’ve done, I’ve got plenty of ideas on how to set up my booth and how it’ll become a successful sale.

As I’ve said in previous blogs, Kevin’s Cards could make an appearance at any one of these art and wine festivals or art shows! All I have to do is find the right one!

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Thank you to our men and women in the armed forces for serving our great country!


Happy Memorial Day!

STI Golf Tournament Card Sale

During the 15th Annual STI Golf Tournament, Kevin’s Cards made it’s debut to promote for the upcoming card sale at Artist Alley during the Alameda County Fair this summer. With only a limited amount of cards to sell, this was my only chance to sell out.

At first, no one was interested due to the prizes that were distributed to the golfers. However, once I made the announcement that there were cards for sale and made the promotion for the sale, it drew up a lot of interest and somehow I managed to accomplish the sell out.

In the end, I made a total of $76 after starting with about $30. This will be the starting point for the card sale and I hope it will continue to increase as more people buy my merchandise during the Alameda County Fair. 

Best Sports Rivalries

After completing my recent sports posters, it got me thinking about different sport rivalries because of the House Divided series I created and it’s fun to see these teams compete against each other whether it’s during the preseason, regular season, or post season. It’s especially exciting when it’s during the biggest sporting event of the season whether it’s the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Championship, Stanley Cup, College Football Bowl Games, or March Madness.

To me, I define rivalry games as teams competing in the same division or the same city because they’re usually the most heated and most exciting, even if an occasional fight breaks out.

Here’s a list of my top sport rivalries mentioned in A House Divided and others as well:






























Red Sox/Yankees






Cubs/White Sox















College Football



Oregon/Oregon State

Arizona/Arizona State

Washington/Washington State

Michigan/Ohio State

Michigan/Michigan State

Kansas/Kansas State

Oklahoma/Oklahoma State






Duke/North Carolina

Miami/Florida State

Florida/Florida State


Notre Dame/Stanford

USC/Notre Dame




Utah/Utah State

Colorado/Colorado State



Iowa/Iowa State


No matter what sport you watch and who your favorite team is, rivalry match-ups are usually the best games to watch whether it’s at home in front of the TV or at a live game at the stadium.

If you want to find any of these teams, check out my custom sports posters or A House Divided Series. I definitely plan to create more projects like this. All I need is to find more inspiration to make it happen!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day! Be sure to show your appreciation to all your mothers and grandmothers out there and tell them how much you love them!


Happy Mother’s Day!

New Poster Designs

After months of hard work, the Kevin’s Cards Posters are finally ready! These posters include more custom made sports posters and the Kevin’s Cards Special entitled Best of Kevin’s Cards. 

The sports posters include the different teams on located on different playing environments such as a football field, a baseball diamond, and a basketball court. This will give people a better understanding of what sport it is and where they can find their favorite team.

The Best of Kevin’s Cards series is a mash-up of different paintings from the past three years divided into different categories such as Summer, Fall, Winter, and Best Sellers, and displayed as if it were in a real art museum. This series is a great way to see a bunch of paintings at once, especially if people didn’t get the original painting from me.

As I’ve mentioned before, this was one of the projects I planned on doing because of my interest in sports and I wanted to find other ways to use my paintings and it was even better than what I envisioned! Hopefully someday they’ll make their debut at the next art show, including this year’s Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair!

Artist Alley Update


The good news is that the Kevin’s Cards Sale is still happening at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair this summer! For anyone whose planning to attend, here’s the schedule of the actual fair and when my booth will be open:

Alameda County Fair

Dates- June 15 – July 8 (Closed Monday & Tuesday)

Hours- 11 AM – 11 PM


Kevin’s Cards Sale

Dates- July 4 – July 8

Hours- Same as above (Note: Fair Closes at 6 PM July 4/Fair Gates Close at 3 PM)


The location of the booth along with the prices for the cards and other merchandise will be announced later! Hope to see you there this summer!