Washington DC Tour (Stadium Tours)

The Washington DC Tour continued with a tour of the stadiums to represent Washington’s Major Sports teams.

First stop was the RFK Stadium named after US Senator Robert F. Kennedy. This stadium opened in 1961 and was home to the Washington Redskins from 1961 – 1996 and the Washington Nationals from 2005 – 2007. It’s located about two miles  east of the US Capitol Building and adjacent to the DC Armory.

Next stop was FedEx Field, which is the current home of the Washington Redskins. They’ve been playing here since 1997 and it’s the farthest stadium from DC, plus it’s about a 25 minute walk from the Morgan Blvd Metro Station.

Then, it was on to the Nationals Ball Park. After being established in 2005, the Washington Nationals have been playing at this ball park since 2008 and was the site of last year’s MLB All Star Game.

Finally, it was on to the Capital One Arena, which is home to both the Washington Wizards and Capitals. Coincidentally, the Washington Wizards had a basketball game today against the Toronto Raptors, and it would’ve been nice to watch a live game there if I had thought about it earlier.

Overall, this was tour was a bit of a challenge because of researching on how to get from one stadium to the next and also battling the snowy weather! In the end, it was totally worth it and I’m so glad I got to see every one of them in person!

If I lived in Washington DC, I would have to root for all of those teams because it’s part of the culture, and the stadiums are easy access from the DC Metro, except for FedEx Field.

As the tour continues, more surprises await for me to discover!

Washington DC Tour (Newseum & Other Places)

The first part of the Washington DC Tour got off to a late start due to some errands that had to be done. Once in DC, the first stop was a tour of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This museum was perfect for people interested in learning about the news that ranged from historic events, breaking news, and other topics along those lines through television, newspapers, or the internet.

My favorite exhibits included a behind the scenes look at a news studio and even getting a hands-on experience on being a news reporter.

Following the museum, a tour of the Union Station was another thing must see place.

This station is one of the most important train stations because they have a variety of trains that can take you to major destinations such as New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. Plus, this station is grand and has a variety of shopping and dining options to choose from!

Another dining destination I discovered was the Union Market. This open air-market has plenty of meats, cheese, produce, wine, and a variety of places to dine. This was one of the markets that I’ve never been to during any of my past visits to DC and was definitely worth it.

To top everything off, I had to endure this tour in the snow, which make the scene beautiful! This is only the beginning! There will be lots of more surprises waiting to be uncovered during the rest of my Washington DC Tour!

Washington DC Tour (Flight from SFO to IAD)

The Washington DC Tour began with a 5 hour flight from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Washington Dulles (IAD) on United Airlines.

My original departure time was around 1:00 PM, but there was a minor delay due to runway traffic, but overall it was an enjoyable flight, with different movies and TV shows to keep me entertained, along with a complimentary beverage service and a meal I bought prior to the flight.

Upon arrival at around 9:30 PM, my Uncle Noel picked me up and brought me to his home in Ashburn, VA, which is about an hour west of Washington DC, and that’s where I’ll be staying during my visit with him, Aunt Malyn, and cousin Brianna.

As I begin my tour, I’ll revisit some familiar places I visited and check out the new places I didn’t get a chance to see last time. You never know what I’ll uncover on this trip!

2019 College Football Champions

Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers for winning the 2019 CFP National Championship Game!

With two undefeated teams going at it, this was an intense battle to be crowned the next champion and to have the perfect record. While Alabama was favored to win it all, it was the upset that got Clemson the win by a final score of 44-16.

With the season over, it’s on to NFL for a majority of seniors with stops at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and the NFL Draft in Tennessee.

As mentioned before, I planned to create projects through college football because of my interest and its fun seeing these teams compete against each other, especially during the playoffs. So far, I’ve done A House Divided with these teams, college football stadiums, and even the bowl games.

To all the teams out there, hope you had a great season and good luck to the future students and NFL players!

2019 CFP Fan Experience

Today, I attended a College Football Fan Experience in Downtown San Jose in preparation for the 2019 CFP Championship Game on January 7 between Alabama and Clemson. This was every college football fan’s dream come true and they had a lot to offer for everyone!

At Christmas In the Park in Downtown San Jose, they’re was a taping of ESPN’s SportsCenter and people got a chance to be on live TV behind the reporters. Plus, they had outdoor games found at most tailgating parties such as corn hole or Jenga.

The real excitement was at the Playoff Fan Central at the San Jose Convention Center! This was the place where fans could experience a whole lot of things from trying out different football activities to taking souvenir photos.

My favorites were seeing the trophy displays from the CFP and the New Year’s Six Bowl Games: Rose, Orange, Sugar, Peach, Fiesta, and Cotton. Another activity I enjoyed was getting exclusive access to being a member of the college football playoff committee section so I could choose teams to be in the Top 25.

Overall, sporting experiences like this is definitely worth visiting because no matter who you’re favorite team is, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

However, I wished they had displays of all the teams in their respective conferences such as the Pac 12, BIG 10, BIG 12, SEC, and ACC. The only place that would have it is at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA, and that’s where I want to go someday!

On the other hand, I have created posters with the team logos, stadiums, and bowl game logos.

Now the most important question is who will win the 2019 College Football Championship and take home the trophy? You never know what can happen!

May the best team win!

Washington DC Tour

Where in the world is Kevin’s Cards?

As mentioned in a previous blog, I mentioned a list of my top places to travel to. Luckily, I’ll be going to one of those places next week: Washington DC.

My tour will be from January 11 – January 19 and I’ll be staying at my Uncle Noel’s house in Ashburn, VA which is about an hour west of DC, and that’s where I stayed on my last visit when I surprised my Aunt Malyn and cousin Brianna.

In addition to revisiting the places I saw last time, I also plan to visit some new places I didn’t get a chance to see such as Alexandria, VA and some major universities. You never know what I’ll uncover during my tour!

There will be daily blogs on all the places that I see, so stay tuned on my Washington DC Tour!

2019 CFP National Championship/College Bowl Scores

In case you missed any of the College Bowl Games, here’s a recap of the scores, including the New Year’s Six:

Las Vegas Bowl

Fresno State- 31

Arizona State- 20


-Potato Bowl

Western Michigan- 18

BYU- 49


-Hawaii Bowl

LA Tech- 31

Hawaii- 14


-Armed Forces Bowl

Houston- 14

Army- 70


-Quick Lane Bowl

Minnesota- 34

Georgia Tech- 10


-Cheez-It Bowl (OT)

CAL- 7

TCU- 10


-First Responder Bowl



-Independence Bowl

Temple- 27

Duke- 56


-Pinstripe Bowl

Miami- 3

Wisconsin- 35


-Texas Bowl

Baylor- 45

Vanderbilt- 38


-Camping World Bowl

West Virginia- 18

Syracuse- 34


-Alamo Bowl

Iowa State- 26

Washington State- 28


-Music City Bowl

Purdue- 14

Auburn- 63


-*Cotton Bowl

Notre Dame- 3

Clemson- 30


-Belk Bowl

South Carolina- 0

Virginia- 28


-Peach Bowl

Florida- 41

Michigan- 15


-Arizona Bowl (OT)

Arkansas State-  13

Nevada- 16


-*Orange Bowl

Oklahoma- 34

Alabama- 45


-Sun Bowl

Stanford- 14

PITT- 13


-Military Bowl

Cincinnati- 35

Virginia Tech- 31


-Liberty Bowl

Missouri- 33

Oklahoma State- 38


-Red Box Bowl

Michigan State- 6

Oregon- 7


-Tax Slayer Bowl

NC State- 13

Texas A&M- 52


-Holiday Bowl

Northwestern- 31

Utah- 20


-Outback Bowl

Mississippi State- 22

Iowa- 27


-Rose Bowl

Washington- 23

Ohio State- 28


-Citrus Bowl

Kentucky- 27

Penn State- 24


-Sugar Bowl

Texas- 28

Georgia- 21


-Fiesta Bowl

LSU- 40

UCF- 32


With all the College Bowl Games complete, Alabama and Clemson will face off in the 2019 CFP National Championship Game on January 7 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara for the third time in four years.

The last time they met was in the Sugar Bowl, in which Alabama won and went on to defeat Georgia in last year’s Championship Game in Atlanta, GA.

Also, this year’s Championship match-up will be a battle of two undefeated teams and only one team will have a perfect record to the end the season. Will Alabama remain the number one team this year or will Clemson create an upset? You never know what can happen!

May the best team win!


Welcome to 2019! 

As we enter the new year, here’s a recap of what’s happened in 2018 through sports, the world, and Kevin’s Cards


2018 College Football National Champions- Alabama Crimson Tide

Super Bowl LII Champions- Philadelphia Eagles

2018 March Madness Champions- Villanova Wildcats

2018 NBA Champions- Golden State Warriors

2018 Stanley Cup Champions- Washington Capitals

2018 World Series Champions- Boston Red Sox



Hurricane Michael (Florida)

Hurricane Florence (Carolinas)

Mendocino Complex Fire

Redding Carr Fire

Ferguson Fire

Donnell Fire

Camp Fire

Deaths of Senator John McCain, Barbara Bush, and George HW Bush



Greeting Cards Get Updated with New Logo

Created Collages with Sports, Television, Travel, and Other Elements 

Second Card Sale at Alameda County Fair’s Artist Alley

Kevin’s Cards Calendar Debut


With the arrival of 2019, my New Year’s resolution is to develop new ideas, visit more art shows to get lots of inspiration, and most importantly, sell a lot more cards than I did before!

Let’s what this year has in store for me!


Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Did Santa remember what you wanted? Did you leave him milk and cookies? Whether its at home with the family or on the road, hope you enjoy this holiday season!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

San Jose Holiday Craft Fair/2018 Art Shows

The final art show of 2018 led me back to the San Jose Craft Fair at the San Jose Convention Center. This place had a lot of stuff for the holiday season and was the perfect place for people to find the best Christmas present.

Was I going to bet that Linda Cullen was going to show up at this show? My instincts thought that she wasn’t, but to my surprise she actually did! I don’t know what it is!

There was another booth that I definitely enjoyed! An artist named Tracey designs custom-made signs using recycled license plates found off of old cars and the best part is that she lets her customers design any kind of sign they want to.

They can be used as racks to store car keys or other things. I don’t know how I’d make greeting cards like that, but anything can happen!

As 2018 comes to a close, there were a lot of shows that I went to this year and I’d like to review them all:


-Sacramento Toy Con

-Mountain View Al A Carte & Art

-Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival

-Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival

-Livermore Art & Wine Festival

-Artist Alley (Card Sale)

-Fremont Festival of the Arts

-Niles Antique Fair

-Mountain View Art & Wine Festival

-Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

-San Carlos Art & Wine Festival

-Pleasanton Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Mateo Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Jose Holiday Craft Fair

With 2019 around the corner, I plan to revisit these shows and see some new ones and who knows what ideas will inspire me to create a new project and where my next card sale will take place!