Halfway to 50 at Thunder Valley

This weekend, I celebrated my Halfway to 50 birthday at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA with my buddies Sam, Justin, and Anthony. Even though it was a farther trip from the Bay Area, it was well worth it! We originally planned to go last week, but we had to reschedule it do to other things going on and poor weather conditions.

The room we got was a Provence suite with a sofa bed on one side of the room, and a king size bed on the other, which was courtesy of my Uncle Donnie Pestrana. Other highlights of the trip included touring Denio’s Flea Market, the Roseville Galleria Mall, swimming at the pool, eating at the buffet, and most importantly gambling at the casino.

Casinos are one of my favorite places to hang out mainly because of all the bright colors of the slot machines, card and roulette tables, and the overall ambience. No matter if it’s Thunder Valley, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, or Reno, it’s always an exciting place to visit whether you win or lose.

Special thanks to Uncle Donnie for providing us the room, my friends for joining me, and everyone else who made my birthday special! Wonder what next year will have in store and where my next destination will take place!

March Madness Champions

I know this is kind of late, but congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats for winning the 2018 March Madness Tournament! It was a long journey for them and a tough battle, but in the end, they managed to pull it all off by a final score of 79-62 over the Michigan Wolverines. 

With the season over, it’s off to the NBA Draft for most players and a new generation of students to join a college basketball team!

March Madness may look confusing to a lot of people because it’s hard to keep track of whose in what bracket with so many teams playing at once. But it gets easier once it gets down to the final four and the championship. 

Although I prefer watching college football, I might sneak in a college basketball game or two! After all, most of the college rivalries are pretty much the same no matter what sport it is!

To all the future NBA players and college players, good luck with your careers and continue to shine on the court!

Back to Baseball!

Today is the beginning of the 2018 MLB Season!

The World Series Champions Houston Astros will go on the road to take on their division rivals Texas Rangers for a four game series before heading home to face the Baltimore Orioles.

The Oakland A’s will have a 8 game home stand with their division opponents Los Angeles Angels and the Texas Rangers, and the San Francisco Giants will go on the road to face their rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers before coming home to face the Seattle Mariners.

This year’s All Star Game will take place at the Washington National’s Stadium in Washington. It’ll be a long journey as well to find out which two teams will face off in the 2018 World Series and who will be crowned the next champion. 

If you want to find your favorite team, check out A House Divided for baseball or my custom-made MLB posters. There’s something for everyone’s favorite team!

To all the teams out there, good luck and have a great season!

TreasureFest III

Today, I returned to San Francisco’s Treasure Island for a third round of TreasureFest. Even though it was smaller than the first two, it still was worth it!

I did manage to buy a little more than the last one I attended, a purple plaid shirt, a giant NFL book the size of an encyclopedia, and some body scrub.

I was hoping for to see more booths, but to me, it’s what being sold that matters the most because as I’ve said before, anything can be a work of art whether modern or antique. 

As I continue to visit these events, who knows what I’ll uncover next and what will inspire me for my next project!

A House Divided!

If you like sports and love hating on your arch rivals, a new page with these types of posters has been added that’ll do just that, entitled A House Divided! This series is when you take two teams and split them up into rivals.

Examples include the following:

-Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

-Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

-Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings

-Stanford vs California

-Army vs Navy

All the sports include MLB, NFL, NBA, and NCAA. As I’ve said before, this was one of the projects I planned on doing because of my interest in sports and it’s fun to see rivals square off against each other, especially if they play in the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, College Football Bowl Game, or March Madness.

No matter what sport you watch and who your favorite team is, it’s always exciting to see them play whether it’s a live game or watching it on television! 

2018 NCCA March Madness

With the college basketball regular season over with, the 2018 NCCA March Madness tournament is officially set! Anyone whose planning to watch it, here’s the schedule of all the tournament dates:


First Four- March 13 – 14

First/Second Rounds- March 15 – 18

Sweet 16- March 22 – 24

Elite 8- March 24 – 25

Final 4- March 31

Championship Game- April 2

To all the schools that made it to the tournament, good luck and may the best team win!

Sacramento Toy Con

Today I attended the Sacramento Toy Con at the Scottish Mansonic Rite Temple near Sacramento State University.

This was a different kind of art show for me because even though there are no paintings or sculptures sold, there were lots of classic toys to be played with. Probably the most popular items were the Star Wars gadgets and comic book collections because a lot of people were huge fans of items like that.

The only two items that I bought was an old style Who Wants to Be A Millionaire hand held video game that I used to have a long time ago, and a different kind of Sacramento Kings poster made by Michael Calero. 

The highlight of the whole event was playing Mario Kart Double Dash on the Nintendo Gamecube that they had for people to try out. This was definitely one of my favorite video games because I haven’t played in it such a long time since owning a Gamecube myself, plus it’s fun playing it with friends.

Some of my favorite modes were the “verses” and “battle” because of racing around the course and trying to see who was better than the other. Even though I had some up and down moments, it definitely brought back childhood memories of playing it. 

Overall, the Sacramento Toy Con was definitely worth it and seeing a lot of these collectibles was like a trip back in time. If they did have more video game demos, I would like them to include some other games I grew up playing such as Wheel of Fortune PS1 1998Super Monkey Ball 2Jeopardy, Millionaire, Pac Man World 2, Madden NFL, MLB Baseball, or any car racing games. 

Of course, any shows like that can be a work of art because it’s the creativity that counts!

New Pages

Anyone who has been waiting to see the rest of my creations, this is your opportunity! More paintings from past years have been uploaded, so you can get a glimpse at some of my latest creations.

In addition, I’ve mentioned that I was also a poster designer as well, so I’ve added a new page for my custom made sports posters. They’re an alternative to my original design, but I feel that these are even better than what I’ve originally planned because it helps everyone learn about whose in what division while keeping the integrity of the team colors. Now, everyone can find their favorite teams with in these posters. 

Even though a lot of people like sports, will there be special posters for Kevin’s Cards? Absolutely! A lot of these paintings will also be transformed into exciting projects as well! It will take a lot of creativity and imagination, but it’ll totally be worth it!

Who knows what will be the best seller!

Sacramento Kings Game

Last night, I watched the Sacramento Kings take on the New York Knicks at the Golden One Center with my Uncle Frederick.

This was my second time attending a Kings game at their new arena since it opened about two years ago, but we lost to the Miami Heat. So, this was a must win for us!

We were leading most of the game, but late in the fourth quarter, the Knicks came back at it was tied at 99 with under 10 seconds left in the game, thinking we were going into overtime. In the end however, it was the 3-point shot that gave us the win by a final score of 102-99. Aside from the Kings win, it was the Kings mascot Slamson’s birthday and it turned out that their victory was the best birthday gift for him. 

Some of my highlights included getting a picture with the Kings Dancers, saying hi to former Kings player Doug Christie, and being seen on TV during the halftime report. Being at the Kings game was definitely a great experience for me because my Uncle David Lambros is the score keeper for them during their home games and has done it at the old Arco/Sleep Train Arena as well.

Whenever I go to a game or check out the team store, I always enjoy seeing the different kinds of Kings merchandise there is, whether its a shirt, jersey, hat, or poster.

Along those lines with posters, I have created one with the different Kings logos because of the different contrasts between past and present logos. Personally, I prefer the logos and colors from the late 90’s to early 2000’s because to me they stand out much better as opposed to the light blue color from the 80’s. Of course, the new logo is good with the black and purple as well. 

Whether we win or lose, it’s always a great experience for me to attend a Sacramento Kings game! Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to play a game of basketball down on their court just for fun! Can’t wait till I go to my next Kings game!