Treasurefest III

Today, I returned to San Francisco’s Treasure Island for a third round of Treasurefest. Even though it was smaller than the first two, it still was worth it!

I did manage to buy a little more than the last one I attended, a purple plaid shirt, a  giant NFL book the size of an encyclopedia, and some body scrub.

I was hoping for to see more booths, but to me, it’s what being sold that matters the most because as I’ve said before, anything can be a work of art whether modern or antique. 

As I continue to visit these events, who knows what I’ll uncover next and what will inspire me for my next project!

Sacramento Toy Con

Today I attended the Sacramento Toy Con at the Scottish Mansonic Rite Temple near Sacramento State University.

This was a different kind of art show for me because even though there are no paintings or sculptures sold, there were lots of classic toys to be played with. Probably the most popular items were the Star Wars gadgets and comic book collections because a lot of people were huge fans of items like that.

The only two items that I bought was an old style Who Wants to Be A Millionaire hand held video game that I used to have a long time ago, and a different kind of Sacramento Kings poster made by Michael Calero. 

The highlight of the whole event was playing Mario Kart Double Dash on the Nintendo Gamecube that they had for people to try out. This was definitely one of my favorite video games because I haven’t played in it such a long time since owning a Gamecube myself, plus it’s fun playing it with friends.

Some of my favorite modes were the “verses” and “battle” because of racing around the course and trying to see who was better than the other. Even though I had some up and down moments, it definitely brought back childhood memories of playing it. 

Overall, the Sacramento Toy Con was definitely worth it and seeing a lot of these collectibles was like a trip back in time. If they did have more video game demos, I would like them to include some other games I grew up playing such as Wheel of Fortune PS1 1998Super Monkey Ball 2Jeopardy, Millionaire, Pac Man World 2, Madden NFL, MLB Baseball, or any car racing games. 

Of course, any shows like that can be a work of art because it’s the creativity that counts!

TreasureFest II

Today, I returned to Treasure Island for another round of TreasureFest. With an earlier arrival than last time, this gave me a better chance to see what people were selling and maybe buy something this time.

The only items that I did end up with was a Sacramento Kings Scot Pollard bobblehead and an ice cream maker. Since there are more flea markets like this, there will be more opportunities for me to buy more stuff if its worth it.

However, I did give me more inspiration on future projects whether it was an antique or something more modern. It’s a chance to see both perspectives at what can be done. 

As I’ve said before, flea markets to me are my kind of art show because anything people sell can be a work of art. In addition, swap meets, craft fairs, and art & wine festivals all share the same principle. No matter which one I go to, there’s always something waiting to be discovered!

Who knows, maybe my masterpieces can make it to one of these places!

2018 Alameda County Fair

SPECIAL ANNOUNCMENT!!!! Anyone who missed my past card sales or didn’t get a chance to buy any of my cards, this is your opportunity! This summer, I’m returning to Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair to sell my new cards and display my past creations.

For those who don’t know what Artist Alley is, basically a lot of local artists from the Bay Area display their masterpieces such as sculpture, jewelry, handmade crafts, or anything else creative.

This will be my third year doing it and I’m hoping for a successful sale. The first year I did it back in 2016, I only displayed my paintings and did a demonstration of some paintings I created. It was okay, but the problem was that it was a little too much work because of all the set up and clean up. Plus, I didn’t get a lot of people to come watch my demonstration.

Last year was my first card sale and it was a better idea since I didn’t have to do a live demonstration. The only downside was that I only had three days to sell everything, but not a lot of people came due to the extremely hot weather. The other thing was that I didn’t have a logo or business card at that time.

Since I have these things now, this will be one of the key points to a successful sale and this will give people a chance to contact me if they’d like to order cards.

The Alameda County Fair is June 15 – July 8 from 11 am – 11 pm (closed Monday and Tuesday), and my card sale will be the last week of the fair from the 4th of July (Fair Closes at 6 pm) – July 8.

More details will be announced later, so if you’re planning to go to the fair on those dates, I hope you stop by and buy some cards! 



The first art show of 2018 led me to TreasureFest on Treasure Island near the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge. This flea market was filled with antiques, sports memorabilia, and creative items that people have created.

With so many booths, this was my chance to get some inspiration for projects that I plan to create.

No visit to this flea market was complete without a visit to Linda Cullen’s bottle cap booth. This is where I definitely got the most inspiration because the possibilities are endless, whether it’s sports, pop culture, or miscellaneous, who knows what’ll strike the imagination!

As I go to more of these art shows, there’s always something waiting for me to be inspired for my next project!

San Jose Holiday Craft Fair/Giveaways/2017 Art Shows

Today, I attended the San Jose Holiday Craft Fair near the Convention Center to find more inspiration and to do some Christmas shopping on the side. Like all the other artist fairs I’ve attended this past year, a lot of them had some creative things to sell to make the best holiday gifts.

However, the one booth that stood out to me the best was a booth called Wood Burn Corner. The artist, Rachel Strauss takes pieces of wood and sketches out different custom-made designs that range from welcome signs for the home, to magnets, and anything else imaginable. Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying one of her creations for a Christmas present because she had one of the best custom-made styles, just like Linda Cullen’s bottle caps.

The best part of it all is that she’s located in my hometown of Fremont, so it’s not too far for me to see her. To return the favor, I gave her one of my business cards so she can keep in touch with me in case she would like to buy one of my cards. Of course, I gave some to other vendors as well, so they wouldn’t feel left out. 

Since the debut of my business cards last month, they’ve been flying out the door like hotcakes, so that people can contact me if they’d like to order cards.

Recently, I gave some to my part-time volunteers, The All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area, and also as a giveaway during the annual Smith Family Christmas Party. 


As 2017 comes to a close, I’ve been fascinated by all the art shows I’ve attended this year and I’d like to review them all:

-*Alameda County Fair’s Artist Alley (debut of my card sale)

-Niles Antique Fair

-Mountain View Art & Wine Festival

-Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

-San Carlos Art & Wine Festival

-Pleasanton Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Mateo Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Jose Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Jose Holiday Craft Fair

As 2018 approaches, I plan to continue to visit them and other art shows because in the art world, you never know what you might find!

San Jose Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

Today, I attended the San Jose Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show at the San Jose Convention Center. As usual, I was on a mission to see what artists were creating and how I can incorporate them into my own projects.

Most of the same vendors from the Pleasanton and San Mateo shows returned to this show, including Linda Cullen’s bottle cap booth. Of course, I had to pay a visit to her booth to see if she created any new designs. With so many bottle caps, it was like digging through a gold mine because you never know what you’ll might find.

When I first saw her booth at the Pleasanton Show, my favorites were the sport logos both professionally and from the NCCA. Of course, there were lots of other ones to choose from, such as pop culture, animals, holidays, or anything else imaginable. Even after buying one with the Sacramento Kings logo from the San Mateo show, I still plan on buying some more to give to my friends or use them myself to create my own projects, just like I do with my cards or posters.

One of the best things about Linda’s booth is that her customers offer her suggestions for what kind of images they’d like in their bottle caps because the possibilities are endless! Although this was my third time seeing Linda’s booth, her husband Charlie stated that I was a regular customer. In returning the favor to buy a bottle cap, I gave them a couple of my new business cards so they can contact me to exchange new ideas.

Although Linda’s bottle caps and my greeting cards may be different from each other, the one thing they both have in common is that they can be used for a lot of different occasions. Who knows, maybe one day she can use some of my paintings in her bottle caps, even if they’re rather large.

Although Linda’s booth was at the top of my list, another booth stood out to me too called A – Z Designs. Like Linda’s bottle caps, designers Ashley and Zack customize their creations using vinyl, metal, wood, or anything else to make sport logos, messages, or whatever the imagination strikes.

Throughout the festival, I was able to distribute some of the leftover business cards to the other booths in case they plan on buying my cards.

Every art show that I’ve gone to this year really stretched my imagination on what I plan to create in the near future because their are endless possibilities on what you can create!

Will I find any other artists that have the same creativity as the bottle caps? What other kinds of materials can be made into new creations? In the art world, you’ll never know what you might find!

San Mateo Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show/Potential Ideas

Today, I attended the San Mateo Harvest Festival at the San Mateo Event Center. Just like all the other festivals I attended, I was on a mission to find more inspiration for potential projects I plan to add to my website and maybe sell.

A majority of the same artists from the Pleasanton festival attended this one as well and it was pretty much the same items that they were selling, which there was nothing wrong with at all.

Of course, I had to go back to the bottle cap booth to see if creator Linda Cullen created any new designs. Without question, this was definitely my favorite booth in the entire festival because of all the interesting images that can be put into a bottle cap, especially in the sports and college industry, which was the one I enjoyed the most.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t leave their booth without buying a bottle cap of my own, and I had to go with the Sacramento Kings logo in honor of my favorite basketball team, and I turned it into a necklace.

Every art and wine festival that I’ve gone to has given me a lot of inspiration to create something using my paintings and techniques I’ve learned in my graphic arts class. Of course, the cards will definitely be at the top of my list, but here’s a list of some other ideas I plan to create:


Projects with Paintings:

-Greeting Cards




Poster Designs:

-A House Divided (NFL, MLB, NBA, NCCA)

-Custom-Made Sports for Individual or Whole City Teams

-TV Nostalgia (Retro PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney, Retro Game Shows)

-Video Games

-Transportation (BART, MUNI, CalTrain, AC Transit, SamsTrans, VTA, Amtrak, Sacramento RT Transit)

-Freeway Signs

-Pop Culture


It may take a long time to create, but I hope these ideas will excite the imagination and also bring people back in time to their childhood. Who knows where the next idea will come from!

Card Sale Announcement!!!!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Anyone whose looking for cards in time for the holiday season, here’s your opportunity! Sunday, November 19, I’ll be selling my greeting cards and paintings at the Philippine International Aid (PIA) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel’s main ballroom in Downtown San Francisco near the Ferry Building from 10 am – 4 pm .

This will be the first big sale since the Alameda County Fair’s Artist Alley this past summer! In addition to all that, I’ll be giving away my new business cards with the new logo for anyone who plans to keep in touch with me.

The PIA has a benefit luncheon that’ll cost about $150 to get in, but the boutique sale is free to get in. Here’s the price list for those who are interested in buying cards or paintings:


Greeting Cards

-$1 Each

-6 for $5



-$25 each


Hope to see you there cause this will be a one day only event, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Pleasanton Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

Today, I returned to the Alameda County Fairgrounds for the Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show. This was my first back since selling my cards at Artist Alley this past summer.

Once again, I was on a mission to see what artists were creating and how I can incorporate them into my own ideas. The only downside was that there weren’t a lot of paintings or photographs of landscapes to be shown unlike the art festivals in Mountain View, Lafayette, or San Carlos. However, I did find some interesting exhibits that ranged from unique household items, to gifts in time for the holiday season, and of course my favorite sport logos.

Out of all the booths I’ve seen, the one I enjoyed the best was called “WeHaveACapforThat!” The artist, Linda Cullen, used bottle caps from glass beer or soda bottles and put different images inside such as sport logos, college logos, pop culture, photographs, etc. Plus they can be used as a necklace or a keychain hook.

This was definitely without question the best booth I’ve ever seen because it’s gave me great ideas on what projects I can create. One idea is based on a set called Wine Charms, where you can take about five bottle caps and create a particular theme such as “Bay Area Sports,” which they sell for about $40. Another one is to take two teams and split them into rivals known as “A House Divided.” Another idea is to take one team and create a collage using different variations of the same logo. If I do plan to buy some of there bottle caps, I could make my own collage based on what the imagination would strike.

No matter what art & wine festival, flea market, or swap meet I go to, inspiration will always be waiting for me to be found for the next project I work on!