I studied visual art for about 3 years at Laney College in Oakland, CA after quitting theater arts. Most of my creations come from watching the TV show The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross because some of them bring me back to summer camp, especially during my experience as a camper and counselor at uCamps. When I’m not creating art, one of my hobbies include watching sports on TV.  

I follow the Sacramento Kings, Oakland A’s, and a handful of NFL teams and also college football. The NFL is at the top of my list because I enjoy looking back at past games, future games, biggest rivalries, future Super Bowls, and researching NFL officials.

The Sacramento Kings are definitely a huge hit to me because even though I’m from the Bay Area, one of my uncles works as a scorekeeper at the Golden One Center and has been doing it as well at the old Arco/Sleep Train Arena.

Besides watching sports, I also enjoy playing them just for fun, both physically and through video games. One of my top choices is Madden NFL 17 because I can create my dream matchups without waiting for football season to start.

Also, I enjoy going to team sport stores to check out team jerseys, football helmets, baseball caps, and collectibles both classic and modern.

In addition, I also like to hang out with friends, ride my bike, get on BART, travel and check out new places. One of my top places to hang out is the mall because there’s a variety of places to shop and restaurants to eat, plus it’s great for both really sunny and rainy days. 

Although I may like some modern things today, for the most part, I like things old school because they bring back memories growing up and I always want to relive those days.

For example, all the TV shows that I grew up watching that I wish would show reruns such as Barney and FriendsSesame StreetReading Rainbow, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, etc. Even some game shows that are still airing today, I still wished they show reruns of the older versions such as Jeopardy!Wheel of Fortune, Family FeudThe Price is Right, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?