Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween! Anyone who’s dressing up in their best Halloween costume, I know it’ll look great!

Those who are going out trick-or-treating tonight, please be safe out there and I hope you get lots of candy!

Happy Halloween!

Pleasanton Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

Today, I returned to the Alameda County Fairgrounds for the Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show. This was my first time back since selling my cards at Artist Alley this past summer.

Once again, I was on a mission to see what artists were creating and how I can incorporate them into my own ideas. The only downside was that there weren’t a lot of paintings or photographs of landscapes to be shown unlike the art festivals in Mountain View, Lafayette, or San Carlos.

However, I did find some interesting exhibits that ranged from unique household items, to gifts in time for the holiday season, and of course my favorite sport logos.

Out of all the booths I’ve seen, the one I enjoyed the best was called “WeHaveACapforThat!” The artist, Linda Cullen, used bottle caps from glass beer or soda bottles and put different images inside such as sport logos, college logos, pop culture, photographs, etc. Plus they can be used as a necklace or a keychain hook.

This was definitely without question the best booth I’ve ever seen because it’s gave me great ideas on what projects I can create. One idea is based on a set called Wine Charms, where you can take about five bottle caps and create a particular theme such as “Bay Area Sports,” which they sell for about $40.

Another one is to take two teams and split them into rivals known as “A House Divided.” Another idea is to take one team and create a collage using different variations of the same logo. If I do plan to buy some of there bottle caps, I could make my own collage based on what the imagination would strike.

No matter what art & wine festival, flea market, or swap meet I go to, inspiration will always be waiting for me to be found for the next project I work on!

Lake Tahoe Weekend Getaway

This weekend, I took a trip to Lake Tahoe for a getaway trip. Upon arrival, the weather was perfect and the scenery was picture perfect with the fall foliage in the mountains with the colors of gold, brown, red, and orange.

One of my favorite places in Tahoe is the casino. Although I enjoy gambling and playing slot machines, I loved seeing the bright colors and hearing the sound effects as well. The biggest highlight was winning $20 on a quarter slot machine at Harrah’s Casino.

My other favorite spot was the historic town of Virginia City, Nevada. Being in that city was like stepping back in time, with old antique stores, small eateries, and older casinos.

One of my favorite stores was the Superchicken Store, which had a lot of sport logos created into posters, banners, signs, and lots of other things as well. I enjoyed this store the best because of my interest in sports (as mentioned in my bio), and it inspired me to create a graphic art collage that could be made into a future poster or greeting card.

Although I did plan on doing a lot of gambling during the entire trip, I didn’t want to miss a chance to capture the beautiful fall scenes of Lake Tahoe because a lot of them were similar to the paintings created in art class.

No matter where I travel to and what I do there, there will always be time to stop and enjoy the great outdoors that nature has to offer!

San Carlos Art & Wine Festival/Art Class Surprise

Art & Wine Festivals have been becoming a big interest to me because I’ve always enjoyed seeing what other artists do and how I can incorporate them to make something that’s completely my own. Since there was one in San Carlos this weekend, I knew I had to check this one out!

The only downside of this event was that it was a little smaller than the ones in Mountain View and Lafayette, but it didn’t stop me from seeing what other people did.

However, I did wish that there was a lot more going on. Just like the other festivals, I did collect business cards from other artists in case I plan to keep in touch with them.

On the flip side, there are two other art festivals that I plan on visiting soon! One at the Alameda County Fair, and the other at the Sacramento Convention Center. Maybe I’ll get even more inspiration from artist at either fair.


While painting a landscape from Bob Ross’ Happy Little Accidents book in art class today, one of the other students decided to follow in my footsteps and do one of his paintings as well.

I didn’t think anyone would do one of his paintings since they all have their own styles of art work. However, it was just like Bob Ross said, “This canvas is your world!” Maybe someday, she’ll paint landscapes like me!