Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Thank you to our men and women in the armed forces for serving our great country!   Happy Memorial Day!

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STI Golf Tournament Card Sale

During the 15th Annual STI Golf Tournament, Kevin’s Cards made it’s debut to promote for the upcoming card sale at Artist Alley during the Alameda County Fair this summer. With only a limited amount of cards to sell, this was my only chance to sell out. At first, no one was interested due to the… Continue reading STI Golf Tournament Card Sale

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Best Sports Rivalries

After completing my recent sports posters, it got me thinking about different sport rivalries because of the House Divided series I created and it’s fun to see these teams compete against each other whether it’s during the preseason, regular season, or post season. It’s especially exciting when it’s during the biggest sporting event of the season whether… Continue reading Best Sports Rivalries

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day! Be sure to show your appreciation to all your mothers and grandmothers out there and tell them how much you love them!   Happy Mother’s Day!

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New Poster Designs

After months of hard work, the Kevin’s Cards Posters are finally ready! These posters include more custom made sports posters and the Kevin’s Cards Special entitled Best of Kevin’s Cards.  The sports posters include the different teams on located on different playing environments such as a football field, a baseball diamond, and a basketball court. This… Continue reading New Poster Designs

Artist Alley Update

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! The good news is that the Kevin’s Cards Sale is still happening at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair this summer! For anyone whose planning to attend, here’s the schedule of the actual fair and when my booth will be open: Alameda County Fair Dates- June 15 – July 8 (Closed Monday… Continue reading Artist Alley Update