TreasureFest II

Today, I returned to Treasure Island for another round of TreasureFest. With an earlier arrival than last time, this gave me a better chance to see what people were selling and maybe buy something this time.

The only items that I did end up with was a Sacramento Kings Scot Pollard bobblehead and an ice cream maker. Since there are more flea markets like this, there will be more opportunities for me to buy more stuff if its worth it.

However, I did give me more inspiration on future projects whether it was an antique or something more modern. It’s a chance to see both perspectives at what can be done. 

As I’ve said before, flea markets to me are my kind of art show because anything people sell can be a work of art. In addition, swap meets, craft fairs, and art & wine festivals all share the same principle. No matter which one I go to, there’s always something waiting to be discovered!

Who knows, maybe my masterpieces can make it to one of these places!

New Cards/Paintings/Posters

After months of waiting, the paintings of 2017 have finally been uploaded on a new page and the first set of cards for 2018 have finally arrived!

As I mentioned, all the cards have the new Kevin’s Cards logo on the back of them, and I hope these cards will be a big seller as the ones from last year.

Whether I sell them to people or give them away, I’m sure that everyone would love to get one of my cards.

In addition, I’m planning to add my poster creations I made using Adobe as well, so everyone can see my different creative sides.

Who knows what people will like the best!

A Day with My Friends

Today, I spent the day in San Francisco with my friends Justin and Anthony. This was the first time we’ve hung out in a while and every moment of it was well worth it.

One of the main reasons was that they wanted to buy the Jimmy Garrapollo’s San Francisco 49ers jersey after being signed to a 5 year deal of over $2,500,000. Plus, he helped turned their season around after an 0-9 start, finishing their record at 6-10 with a 5-0 record as a starter.

They bought the jerseys at the NFL Pro Shop at Pier 39. Even though it was over $100, it was well worth it! This pro shop is definitely one of my favorite stores because they have a collection of items for everyone’s favorite teams, from NFL, to MLB, NCCA, and everything in between.

Even though I didn’t buy a jersey, I did get a lot of inspiration for future poster designs in the sports category. Although I have started a few, the jersey colors, helmets, and team logos provided me with more creativity at what can be done, especially with A House Divided, which will probably take the longest to create because of all the teams I have to do. 

Aside from the jerseys, we also went through Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, Chinatown, Union Square, and my local hang out spot, the Westfield Shopping Center inside the Powell Street BART Station. Of course, those two bought a lot of stuff from team caps, to a sword, a knife, and other things I couldn’t keep track of!

Even though I have been going to San Francisco alone, I feel that sometimes it’s more fun to go with friends because you’ll always have someone to hang out with and you’ll create lasting memories! Who knows where our next destination will take place! Maybe I’ll even take them to some of the art festivals or flea markets I plan to go to! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to spread the love to your sweethearts and everyone else that you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Poster Project Developments

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been using the Adobe apps on the computer to create some posters while learning how to use the tools on Illustrator and Photoshop at the same time.

A majority of the projects have been created on inDesign because I find it easier to download images and fit them to size. Here a list of the ones I’ve created so far:

-A House Divided (NFL)

-TV Nostalgia (PBS/Nickelodeon Game Shows)

-Custom Made Sports Posters

-Transportation (Freeway/BART)

As the weeks go on, I plan to create more of these posters while developing the skills. For those who are wondering why I am creating these posters, the sports posters are for my interests in sports and it’s fun seeing rivals face off against each other.

As for the rest, they brought back childhood memories and I’d like to relive some of those good times so other people could remember how great a lot of these treasures were.

Most of the titles remain the same, but there are a few new updates:

-Freeway Series (Freeway Interchange Signs)

-Transit Series (BART, MUNI, Caltrain, etc.)

-Video Game Nostalgia

-Pop Culture

I hope to complete these projects so I can upload them on the website and maybe display them during the Alameda County Fair this summer, along with my paintings and greeting cards! All it takes to complete is lots of research, inspiration, and creativity!

Super Bowl Champions/Season Recap

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning Super Bowl LII! It was an intense back and forth game, but in the end, they defeated the New England Patriots by a final score of 41-33, and giving them their first Lombardi Trophy!

This season overall was up and down for a lot of teams and had a bunch of surprises!

Aside from the Eagles first Super Bowl win, the Buffalo Bills made it to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. However, they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Wild Card Game.

The Minnesota Vikings were trying to become the first team in NFL history to play in the Super Bowl in their own stadium. During the NFC Divisional Game against the New Orleans Saints, they were up 17-0 at halftime. But the Saints, came back with a score of 24-23 hoping they would pull off a huge upset.

In the end however, it was Vikings WR Stefon Diggs’ 61 yard TD that gave them a huge win by a final score of 29-24. However, it was not enough to get past the Super Bowl Champions as they lost 38-7 in the NFC Championship game. 

The only downfall to this season was that the Cleveland Browns became the second team in NFL history to finish the season 0-16. The only other team that did this was the 2008 Detroit Lions. 

With football season over with, the offseason has officially begun! Players being traded to other teams or getting contract extensions during the free agency, former college players testing their skills during the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis in March, the NFL Draft to see what teams they’ll play next season, and training camp during the summer.

Before you know it, it’ll be a long journey to find out which two teams will compete in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, GA and who will end up with the Lombardi Trophy.

As I said in previous blogs, I’ve been stating that my designs would include the NFL. Over the past week, I started working on those projects, including “A House Divided,” where fans can argue on their favorite teams. Plus, it’s fun when rivals square off against each other! As I develop these projects, I plan to have them up on the website, so everyone can root for their favorite team!

To all the NFL teams out there, thanks again for another season and good luck to the new players, coaches, and referees next season!


2018 Alameda County Fair


Anyone who missed my past card sales or didn’t get a chance to buy any of my cards, this is your opportunity! This summer, I’m returning to Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair to sell my new cards and display my past creations.

For those who don’t know what Artist Alley is, basically a lot of local artists from the Bay Area display their masterpieces such as sculpture, jewelry, handmade crafts, or anything else creative.

This will be my third year doing it and I’m hoping for a successful sale. The first year I did it back in 2016, I only displayed my paintings and did a demonstration of some paintings I created. It was okay, but the problem was that it was a little too much work because of all the set up and clean up. Plus, I didn’t get a lot of people to come watch my demonstration.

Last year was my first card sale and it was a better idea since I didn’t have to do a live demonstration. The only downside was that I only had three days to sell everything, but not a lot of people came due to the extremely hot weather. The other thing was that I didn’t have a logo or business card at that time.

Since I have these things now, this will be one of the key points to a successful sale and this will give people a chance to contact me if they’d like to order cards.

The Alameda County Fair is June 15 – July 8 from 11 am – 11 pm (closed Monday and Tuesday), and my card sale will be the last week of the fair from the 4th of July (Fair Closes at 6 pm) – July 8.

More details will be announced later, so if you’re planning to go to the fair on those dates, I hope you stop by and buy some cards!