Yesterday, I attended Treasurefest in San Francisco’s Treasure Island with my best friend Sam.

Usually I attend this event alone, but this was the first time that I brought someone with me and it was kind of a last-minute plan. The only thing I bought was a white Tim Rattay jersey, who was the San Francisco 49ers quarterback from 2000-2005 after recently buying a red Terrell Owens Jersey during the last event. Both of them were from 1996-2008 and Sam said that they were the best uniforms that the 49ers wore along with the gold pants.

While I didn’t see Linda Cullen last month, I was able to see her this time and gave her some of the new Kevin’s Cards Brochures I created so she can have more information about me and potentially order cards.

Although I do enjoy going to art shows alone, sometimes it’s more fun to go with friends because they’re something for everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, Treasurefest is one of the places where I can sell my cards along with other shows, art and wine festivals, or craft fairs.

You never know which one will work the best!

2019 March Madness Champions

Congratulations to the Virginia Cavaliers for winning the 2019 March Madness Tournament! It was an intense battle, but in the end they won it all by a final score of 85-77 over the Texas Tech Red Raiders!

With College Basketball season over, it’s on to the NBA Draft for a bunch of seniors to see which teams they’ll play next season!

College Basketball is more intense than football because there’s a bunch of schools competing and it’s hard to tell who’s in what conference, which is why they don’t call it for March Madness for nothing.

I don’t know if my projects will relate to college basketball, but I have done a bunch with college football since a lot of the teams, conferences, and rivals are pretty much the same, but who knows what I’ll come up with!

To all the future college players out there, good luck next season!