Idaho State/CAL Game

Today, I watched the California Golden Bears take on the Idaho State Bengals at the California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, CA with my cousin TJ. This was his first ever college football game and my fourth overall after attending last year’s UCLA/Stanford Game with Justin.

The tickets were courtesy of my Uncle David Lambros, who’s part of the PAC 12 Officiating Crew, and interestingly enough, he was working that game, which made this experience extra exciting, even though we didn’t get a chance to see him in person.

Last time I went to a game at CAL, I sat near the end zone, when they played against Nevada. This time, we sat near the 10 yard line and we got really nice view.

The game itself was pretty interesting! Most of the first quarter was back and forth 3 and Outs, but CAL was ahead 28-3 at halftime. During the second half, Idaho State was trying to make a comeback for an upset win after a couple of pass-interference calls against CAL late in the fourth quarter. Also, one of CAL players was ejected from the game due to targeting, which is hitting a player with the crown of the helmet, just like I saw at the Stanford game last year.

In the end however, CAL was able to hang on and we won by a final score of 45-23. The biggest highlight of the game was an 89 yard kick off return for a touchdown. On the other side, my biggest highlight was waving to one of the officials on the field and he actually waved back at me!

Overall, this was one of the best college games I’ve seen so far this year, even though this wasn’t a PAC 12 match-up! However, it doesn’t matter whose playing the game or who wins. What matters most is being at the stadium in person and enjoying the whole experience!

As with my interest in college football, I’ve done several projects with this particular theme such as A House Divided, custom-made posters for conferences, combing all the teams onto one field, and more recently, I’ve done some with the actual stadiums they play in because where the game is played is just as important as the actual game itself.

As I continue to create these types of projects and continue to watch more college football games, who knows what I’ll discover next! Special thanks to Uncle Dave for the tickets and my cousin TJ for attending the game with me! Definitely look forward to the next game I attend!

Back to Football!

With training camp over with and the preseason complete, the 2018 NFL Season kicks off tonight at 5:20 PM PST on NBC with the defending Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons in a rematch of the 2017 NFC Divisional Round.

Then on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will go on the road to face off against the Minnesota Vikings at 10 AM PST on FOX, and the Chicago Bears will take on their divisional rivals the Green Bay Packers at 5:30 PM PST on NBC.

Monday Night will feature a doubleheader, with the New York Jets taking on the Detroit Lions at 4:10 PM PST, and the Oakland Raiders hosting the Los Angeles Rams at 7:10 PM PST on ESPN.

This will be a long journey to see who will compete in Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA on February 3, 2019, and who will be the next team to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

If you want to find your favorite teams, check out A House Divided for the NFL or my custom made NFL posters! Recently, I created a poster featuring the different stadiums because where the game is played is just as important as whose playing it! In addition to that, I plan to create more like that, including one with the Super Bowl!

To all the teams out there, good luck and have a great season!

2018 College Football Season

This weekend, the 2018 College Football season will kick off!

Schools from all different conferences will compete in a bunch of intense match ups and they range from the PAC 12, BIG 10, BIG 12, SEC, ACC, and everyone in between! Here’s a list of some of the must watch games to see:

-Colorado vs Colorado State

-Michigan vs Notre Dame

-Iowa State vs Iowa

-USC vs Stanford

-USC vs Texas

-TCU vs Texas

-Texas A&M vs Alabama

-Stanford vs Notre Dame

-Florida State vs Miami

-Texas Tech vs TCU

-UCLA vs California

-Baylor vs Texas

-Michigan vs Michigan State

-Florida vs Georgia

-North Carolina vs Duke

-Kansas vs Kansas State

-TCU vs Baylor

Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma

-California vs USC

-Utah vs Colorado

-Stanford vs California


-Oregon vs Oregon State

-Washington vs Washington State

-Michigan vs Ohio State

-Kentucky vs Louisville

-Arizona State vs Arizona

-BYU vs Utah

-Notre Dame vs USC

-Stanford vs UCLA

-Auburn vs Alabama

-Army vs Navy

This will be a long journey to see who will compete in the next set of Bowl Games and the 2019 CFP Championship Game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, and who will be the next College Football Champion! 

If you want to see your favorite teams, check out my custom-made college football posters and A House Divided posters for college football! In addition to the ones I already have, I plan to continue to create more like these!

To all the teams out there, good luck and have a great season!

2018 NFL Preseason

Tonight, the 2018 NFL Preseason kicks off with the Chicago Bears taking on the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

Then, next week, the San Francisco 49ers will begin their preseason when they take on the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Chargers; while the Oakland Raiders will take on the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, and Seattle Seahawks. 

Once the preseason is over, the regular season will kick off on September 6 with the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons. This will be a long journey to see who will face off in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, GA and who will be the next team to take home the Lombardi Trophy!

If you want to find your favorite team and check out some of the greatest rivalries, check out A House Divided for the NFL and also my custom-made NFL posters. In addition to my previous ones, I also plan to continue to make new designs for past Super Bowls and other things along those lines. 

To all the teams out there, good luck and have a great season!

Best Sports Rivalries

After completing my recent sports posters, it got me thinking about different sport rivalries because of the House Divided series I created and it’s fun to see these teams compete against each other whether it’s during the preseason, regular season, or post season. It’s especially exciting when it’s during the biggest sporting event of the season whether it’s the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Championship, Stanley Cup, College Football Bowl Games, or March Madness.

To me, I define rivalry games as teams competing in the same division or the same city because they’re usually the most heated and most exciting, even if an occasional fight breaks out.

Here’s a list of my top sport rivalries mentioned in A House Divided and others as well:






























Red Sox/Yankees






Cubs/White Sox















College Football



Oregon/Oregon State

Arizona/Arizona State

Washington/Washington State

Michigan/Ohio State

Michigan/Michigan State

Kansas/Kansas State

Oklahoma/Oklahoma State






Duke/North Carolina

Miami/Florida State

Florida/Florida State


Notre Dame/Stanford

USC/Notre Dame




Utah/Utah State

Colorado/Colorado State



Iowa/Iowa State


No matter what sport you watch and who your favorite team is, rivalry match-ups are usually the best games to watch whether it’s at home in front of the TV or at a live game at the stadium.

If you want to find any of these teams, check out my custom sports posters or A House Divided Series. I definitely plan to create more projects like this. All I need is to find more inspiration to make it happen!


Oakland A’s 50th Anniversary Game

Last night, my friend attended the Oakland A’s 50th Anniversary Game against the Chicago White Sox at the Oakland Coliseum.

This was by far without question the best games we’ve gone to so far because of the free admission tickets, courtesy of my Uncle Frederick’s co-workers, and we got to choose any seat that we wanted.

So, we got to sit behind the home plate to get the best view of the game. The highlight of it all was that we destroyed the White Sox by a final score of 10-2. 

Overall, we had the best time at this game and we look forward to the upcoming games we attend this season and hope we continue to get really good seats! 

Happy 50th Anniversary Oakland A’s!

March Madness Champions

I know this is kind of late, but congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats for winning the 2018 March Madness Tournament! It was a long journey for them and a tough battle, but in the end, they managed to pull it all off by a final score of 79-62 over the Michigan Wolverines. 

With the season over, it’s off to the NBA Draft for most players and a new generation of students to join a college basketball team!

March Madness may look confusing to a lot of people because it’s hard to keep track of whose in what bracket with so many teams playing at once. But it gets easier once it gets down to the final four and the championship. 

Although I prefer watching college football, I might sneak in a college basketball game or two! After all, most of the college rivalries are pretty much the same no matter what sport it is!

To all the future NBA players and college players, good luck with your careers and continue to shine on the court!

Back to Baseball!

Today is the beginning of the 2018 MLB Season!

The World Series Champions Houston Astros will go on the road to take on their division rivals Texas Rangers for a four game series before heading home to face the Baltimore Orioles.

The Oakland A’s will have a 8 game home stand with their division opponents Los Angeles Angels and the Texas Rangers, and the San Francisco Giants will go on the road to face their rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers before coming home to face the Seattle Mariners.

This year’s All Star Game will take place at the Washington National’s Stadium in Washington. It’ll be a long journey as well to find out which two teams will face off in the 2018 World Series and who will be crowned the next champion. 

If you want to find your favorite team, check out A House Divided for baseball or my custom-made MLB posters. There’s something for everyone’s favorite team!

To all the teams out there, good luck and have a great season!

A House Divided!

If you like sports and love hating on your arch rivals, a new page with these types of posters has been added that’ll do just that, entitled A House Divided! This series is when you take two teams and split them up into rivals.

Examples include the following:

-Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

-Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

-Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings

-Stanford vs California

-Army vs Navy

All the sports include MLB, NFL, NBA, and NCAA. As I’ve said before, this was one of the projects I planned on doing because of my interest in sports and it’s fun to see rivals square off against each other, especially if they play in the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, College Football Bowl Game, or March Madness.

No matter what sport you watch and who your favorite team is, it’s always exciting to see them play whether it’s a live game or watching it on television!