The Joy of Watercolor Painting

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been experimenting with watercolor paints in my art class to create new paintings for my greeting cards.

The first week began with mixing different colors to learn how to use the paints and see what color combinations I could come up with. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to jump into Bob Ross style painting method.

Even though watercolor was different from acrylic, I was still able to go through a lot of paintings in just minutes.

If I were to paint a still-life or portrait, it would be too time-consuming for me because I’d have to sketch everything out before I started. However, landscapes are easier because I’d start with a general idea of what I was going to paint and make it up as I go along without being too committed.

Today, while everyone showed their paintings to the class, professor Charles Chavez stated my paintings are similar to a German artist named Adolf Dehen, who’s like the Bob Ross of watercolor paints. I never realized that I painted like him!

As I continue to paint these landscapes, who knows what I’ll come up with next and I hope these paintings will sell like hotcakes, especially at Artist Alley!

Disneyland/Disney’s California Adventure

Is there anywhere else in the world I would go to?

After taking a last minute business trip with my dad to LA, a trip to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure was my next destination! This was my first time back since 2006 and I’ve never had an opportunity to go mainly due to the large crowds, until now! With perfect weather, I had only one day to enjoy the magic that Disney had to offer.

Here’s a list of all the attractions I went on:

-Space Mountain

-Splash Mountain

-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

-Disneyland Monorail

-Jungle Cruise


-Soarin’ Over the World

-Monster’s Inc

-Golden Zephyr

-The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

-Disneyland Railroad

Out of all the rides I went on, my favorites were Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad because they were the best roller coasters, plus I never been on Splash Mountain or Big Thunder during my last two visits.

I also enjoyed the monorail because its a convenient ride to Downtown Disney from Disneyland. The Disney Railroad was also enjoyable because it takes you around the perimeter of the park and you can get off where ever you want. The best part was getting a picture with Goofy and Pluto, but it would’ve been nice to get some with Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and Donald Duck.

Overall, this trip to Disneyland was definitely a magical experience because I felt like I was every kids wanting to go and every moment was totally worth it! If I had more time there, maybe I’d stay at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel & Spa or one of the other resorts, so I can have easy access to both parks.

Can’t wait to return to Disneyland and to see where my next destination takes place!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!

Be sure to the love to your loved ones and sweethearts, and tell them how much you love them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kevin’s Cards Brochure


A new brochure for Kevin’s Cards is officially under development!

This will give you more information about my website and see some paintings from previous years! Plus, it’ll give me a chance to spread the word so that people will get a chance to see my art and maybe order some cards!

This project will take several weeks to develop and hopefully it’ll be a great advertisement for Kevin’s Cards!

Super Bowl Champions

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning Super Bowl LIII!

Although it was a low-scoring game, the Patriots came out on top by a final score of 13-3 over the Los Angeles Rams, giving them their sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy, which now ties the record with the Pittsburgh Steelers!

With football season now officially over with, its now on to the off-season with players being traded to other teams and getting contract extensions during the free agency, the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis in March, and the NFL Draft in Tennessee on April 25 for the new players entering the league.

Before you know it, it’ll be a long journey to see who will compete in Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida on February 2, 2020 and who will be the next team to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

As mentioned before, I’ve done lots of projects revolving around the NFL including A House Divided, all NFL teams, stadiums, logos, and recently the Super Bowl because its fun to see whose playing against each other and all the variety of logos there are!

To all the teams, players, coaches, and referees out there, hope you had a great year and good luck next season!