2018 PIA Card Sale

Today, I had my second card sale of the year at the 2018 Philippine International Aid (PIA).

When I did it last year, it was the debut of my new logo and business card so people could contact me to order new cards. In addition, I also displayed paintings from the past both through a slideshow and having the actual one.

The problem with that was the limited space that we had since I was sharing the space with someone else.

As with that sale, it was a little slow because a lot of people bought stuff from other booths and none of the paintings were sold. However, the business cards were a huge success. Plus, the set-up and clean-up took a lot of time. 

This year, I only sold cards which was a better idea because it didn’t take up a lot of space and the set-up and clean-up took virtually no time at all.

However, there was a rumor that I wasn’t going to sell anything at all because a lot of people would simply walk by my booth since it was shared with another person.

At first, it started out slow; then to my surprise, I started to get some sales and in the end, I made about $40. So at least it was better than selling nothing at all!

While I was selling my cards, some people having been giving me suggestions to use my paintings in new ways, such as T-Shirts, fridge magnets, or other things along those lines.

I have been finding new ways myself and the only projects I’ve done so far were posters and calendars, and I plan to create more.

If I were to do PIA again, maybe I’ll try to get my own table so I can have more room to display my stuff without having to share a table with someone else.

To those who attended and bought cards, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy my art! 

Logo Anniversary/PIA Card Sale

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Kevin’s Cards logo!

It was created in my graphic arts class at Laney College using inDesign. The design is a replication of a open greeting card with the initials K & C, although some people might refer it to as Kansas City.

This logo is used on all the new set of greeting cards and business cards, which is why the cards look better than the original ones. It also made its debut at last year’s PIA Card Sale.

Speaking of which, Kevin’s Cards will be returning to Philippine International Aid (PIA) this Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco from 10 AM – 4 PM.

Here are some reminders of event in case you plan on going: 

-Boutique Sale is Free Admission

-Luncheon/Fashion Show is $150

-Cards will sell for $1 Each or 6 for $5

This is a ONE DAY ONLY EVENT, so make sure you tell all your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues because you don’t want to miss this! Hope to see you there!

Where Will Kevin’s Cards Showcase Next?

A lot of people have been asking me if I’ve sold my cards and displayed my art at other art shows. The only two I’ve done were Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair and PIA in San Francisco. Plus, I’ve done smaller sales and did free giveaways to other people who couldn’t afford to buy them.

Other than that, I haven’t done any other shows yet. However, I have visited a ton of art & wine festivals, flea markets, and different art shows because any of them could be potential places to sell my cards.

The problem is that there’s so many places and it’s not an easy decision to make. If I were to choose, here are some of my top choices:

-Fremont Festival of the Arts

-Niles Antique Fair

Mountain View Al A Carte & Art

-Mountain View Art & Wine Festival

-Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

-Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival

-Pleasanton Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Mateo Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-San Jose Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

-Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival

Since these places are closest to where I leave, they would probably be the best option for me. As for places like Santa Rosa or Sacramento, they’d be too far for me, unless if I were in those areas!

No matter what kind of show it is and where it takes place, one thing that never changes is that any one of them could be a great place to sell my cards and display my art!

2018 PIA Card Sale


Anyone who hasn’t got a chance to buy cards from me at my past card sales, here’s your opportunity because Kevin’s Cards will be returning to the Philippine International Aid (PIA) on November 18 at the Hyatt Embarcadero Grand Ballroom in San Francisco.

For those who don’t know what it is, they have a bazaar, which is like a boutique sale, in which different vendors from the Philippines sell their products from home goods, specialty foods, and even travel information to the Philippines. They also hold a luncheon and fashion show, and they raise money to help the poor children live a better life.

The bazaar sale will begin at 10 AM, and that has free admission to get into; while the luncheon/fashion show will begin at 12 NOON, which costs $150 for a ticket.

Be sure to tell all your friends, neighbors, relatives, and colleagues to stop by because this is a one day only sale and it’ll be the perfect opportunity to buy cards in time for the holiday season!

More details will be announced later on, so hope to see you there!

Artist Alley Recap

Yesterday’s final sale turned out to be a strong finish!

Once again, I had my first customer before opening, courtesy of Lisa Brightfire Photography. Also for the first time, I had more paintings sold which increased from the previous days. After Melanie Johnston bought a painting for herself, she bought one for her mom who made an appearance at my booth as well!

Probably my biggest disappointment was that the new Artist Alley coordinator Veronica Knowlton promised me that she would come to my booth and buy some cards. However, she couldn’t make it due to time restraints, although she did stop by to see how the sale was going.

While I was breaking down the booth today, I managed to stop by her office to give her a bunch of cards and a painting so she wouldn’t feel left out and I was so glad that she finally got to see it!

Overall, this was without question one of the best sales I’ve had this year because I was able to get more people to see it and buy stuff and I was able to get a busier time. One of the key things that attracted my customers was my new logo and business cards, which flew out the door like crazy, so people can keep in touch with me!

If I were to make any changes, probably the only thing I’d do is to make the sign larger so people could see the logo more clearly.

Special thanks to coordinators Melanie Johnston and Veronica Knowlton for their supporting me throughout the sale, my assistants for helping me put this together, and everyone who came out and bought something! Looking forward to the next card sale and future art shows!

Artist Alley Final Day

Yesterday’s sale got off to a great start because I had one customer buy some cards right before the fair opened, which has never happened in the last two years!

Other than that, it was a pretty slow day due to the hot weather. However, I did manage to sell another two paintings and more cards as well! But the business cards and logo were a huge success because it was one of the key elements to get customers to come see my booth.

With one final sale left, I’m hoping for a huge success and maybe a potential sell out of my paintings!

Anyone who hasn’t got a chance to see my booth and buy something, this is your last chance! Make sure you tell all your friends and relatives to stop by because you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity!

Artist Alley Day 4/Price Reduction

Yesterday’s card sale was a little slow to start, but I did manage to get more sales including one lady from the UK and another two paintings sold from my former Artist Alley manager Melanie Johnston, and an old classmate from school. As I mentioned before, it’s usually slow during the first part, but crowds really fly in during the late afternoon and early evening hours!

Even though this is already one of the best sales I’ve had so far, I’m hoping for a great finish with two days left! Those of you who haven’t stopped by yet and bought anything, here’s your opportunity because the prices of the paintings have been reduced!

LARGE- $15

SMALL- $10

The prices of the cards will remain the same, since they are one of the best sellers so far! Make sure you get a chance to stop by and tell all your friends and relatives as well because you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity!

Artist Alley Day 3

Yesterday’s card sale was a little slower, but turned out to be another good sale!

The main reason is because the morning hours tend to be slower, but it really picks up in the late afternoon and early evening. With another couple of paintings sold and more cards bought, it’s really keeping the customers coming in for more! 

I hope to continue with another good sale today and to get even more people to come as I did the last two days! 


Artist Alley Day 2/Rest in Peace

Yesterday’s 4th of July Card Sale at Artist Alley got off to a great start!

I thought no one was going to show up, but it turned out to be a great sale with the new business cards flying out the door and the new greeting cards being a successful sale!

Plus, for the first time, I was able to sale two paintings on the first day! The real highlight was people from uCamps making an appearance at  my booth to experience my art!

I hope to continue this success today with even more people coming by and purchasing my art! Anyone whose planning on coming now – July 8, just note that the fair will close at 11 PM from here on out, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the fair and stop by my booth!

On a side note, today marks the two year anniversary of my grandfather Honesto Tria’s death. For those who may not know, he actually made an appearance at my booth during my first year before he ended up in hospice care. Also, the God Bless painting was the first greeting card made to honor his legacy! RIP Papa Honesto!

Honesto R. Tria (1928 – 2016)

Happy 4th of July/Artist Alley Opening

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July! Thank you to all our men and women for serving our great country!

If you wanna make this the best Independence Day and not sure what to do, today’s your lucky day because Kevin’s Cards is officially starting the card sale today at the Alameda County Fair’s Artist Alley!

This year is going to be even bigger and better than before with all new greeting cards and paintings for sale. Plus, for the first time, the new Kevin’s Cards logo, business cards, and posters will make their debut, so you can see another artistic side of me and so that more people can contact me to order more cards.

As an added bonus, the posters I created with TV Nostalgia, Video Games, Fast Food, and more will be showcased in a photo slideshow, so some of your childhood memories will be brought back to life!

Here’s some reminders for my booth:

-Location- Building F (F17), next door to the Model Railroad Exhibit

-Hours- 11 AM – 6 PM (fair gates close at 3 PM)


Greeting Cards


6 for $5



LARGE- $25

SMALL- $15


Hope to see everyone today – July 8 and make sure you tell all your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by, check out my art, and maybe buy some cards or paintings!

Happy 4th of July!