“That Summer Feeling Sale” Day 3

Yesterday’s sale was another slow day.

Since it was the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing and the first full year without my grandparents, I decided to do a special deal where if anyone purchased an item, they would get one free sympathy card. Unfortunately, it was easier said than done because I thought for sure no one was going to buy anything.

About three hours later, someone bought two calendars, but it wasn’t enough as it left me depressed. Later in the evening, it started to get better as I sold one book and one greeting card. Toward the end of the night, I sold one watercolor painting.

The real highlight was having dinner at the Farmhouse with Erika O’Bryan. One question she asked me was “Who inspires you?” Without hesitation, I said you guys (The Alameda County Fair Staff) because they are my heroes and they have inspired me to be a better person!

Overall, the promo did eventually work out and I hope for an even stronger sale today!