2021 Recap/Road to Summer

2021 was a year of coming back!

After a year on hiatus, Kevin’s Cards celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a lot of major changes. The logo, brochure, and business cards were updated to get a fresh start and my new book “From Painting to Card” was published on Amazon Books. 

Then, there were two cards sales. The first was at the Alameda County Fair, which was the biggest of them all. It ran for nine days because of heavy rain on the third day, which closed the fair.

In addition to the cards, there were also the original paintings, the Kevin’s Cards calendar, and my new book. Some days got really busy and others were slow, but I managed to make a grand total of $763. My highlights were the social media coordinator buying a copy of my book and getting a surprise visit from my former Artist Alley Coordinator Melanie Johnston.

The other sale took place at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Fremont for the BBC (Beau Bridge Club), which is a non-profit organization for animals, courtesy of my friend from uCamps, Tori Shaffer. This one was an opportunity for people to do their early Christmas shopping and I made about $187.

As we enter 2022, there will be a theme to all the new paintings and cards, “Road to Summer.” During the holiday season, Alameda County Fair staff coordinator Erika O’Bryan wrote me a letter asking me if I do paintings based on the county fair such as a Ferris Wheel or swings. 

Very rarely I do paintings like this because they take time to paint. However, based on her request, all of the new creations will be based on that theme so it’ll give me a whole new perspective on how I see the world and to get more people to visit my booth at Artist Alley!

I hope this year’s sale will be even better than I ever done!