Kevin’s Cards 5th Year Anniversary Sale (Final Day/Recap)

Yesterday’s Halloween Sale was a little slower than I anticipated because it was a little less crowded than Saturday.

While some people got candy for Halloween, I managed to sell a few more cards and a couple more paintings. In the end, I made a grand total of $763, which broke the record from my last sale at the Alameda County Fair two years ago!

Overall, the Kevin’s Cards 5 Year Anniversary Sale was definitely the largest one ever and was worth every minute because this was the first sale since going on hiatus in 2020. Although there were some challenges to overcome, it was all worth it in the end! If I didn’t get that email back in May, Kevin’s Cards would likely go out of business!

If I were to change anything, it would to do a promotion video on the first day post live videos on Instagram. While being inside was nice, I would much rather be outside so more people would come!

Special thanks to Events Coordinator Terri Thut for giving me a second chance to return, Social Media Coordinators Tiffany and Teresa for showcasing my booth on Instagram, Fair Coordinators Samantha, Noemi, and Erika for your support, Former Artist Alley Coordinator Melanie Johnston for surprising me at my booth, and everyone who came and bought stuff!

Looking forward to next year and future sales ahead! Happy 5 Year Anniversary Kevin’s Cards!