San Carlos Art & Wine Festival/Art Class Surprise

Art & Wine Festivals have been becoming a big interest to me because I’ve always enjoyed seeing what other artists do and how I can incorporate them to make something that’s completely my own. Since there was one in San Carlos this weekend, I knew I had to check this one out!

The only downside of this event was that it was a little smaller than the ones in Mountain View and Lafayette, but it didn’t stop me from seeing what other people did.

However, I did wish that there was a lot more going on. Just like the other festivals, I did collect business cards from other artists in case I plan to keep in touch with them.

On the flip side, there are two other art festivals that I plan on visiting soon! One at the Alameda County Fair, and the other at the Sacramento Convention Center. Maybe I’ll get even more inspiration from artist at either fair.


While painting a landscape from Bob Ross’ Happy Little Accidents book in art class today, one of the other students decided to follow in my footsteps and do one of his paintings as well.

I didn’t think anyone would do one of his paintings since they all have their own styles of art work. However, it was just like Bob Ross said, “This canvas is your world!” Maybe someday, she’ll paint landscapes like me!