“Best of Kevin’s Cards: 10 Years of Painting”

Over the last 10 years, I’ve created a lot of paintings inspired by Bob Ross landscapes from The Joy of Painting on PBS, and most of them have been made into greeting cards. A lot of them have been sold at various events, given out as gifts, and displayed on my website. I even have a few at home.

What if people want to see my paintings, but don’t have access to my website? Now you can because I just recently published my third book entitled Best of Kevin’s Cards: 10 Years of Painting.

This showcases all of my original paintings I created including some that have never been seen. While sitting at home one day, I thought about putting all of my paintings in one book so people could see how my art has evolved over the years.

It took a couple of months to put together because I had to divide the pictures into categories and make a lot of adjustments. In the end, I was satisfied of how it turned out.

It’s now available at amazonbooks.com for $21.95 and makes a great Christmas gift, plus I’ll be selling copies of it during the 2024 Alameda County Fair along with my other two books: From Painting to Card and Artist Alley: Kevin’s Cards at the Alameda County Fair.

Order your copy today!

“But you don’t have to take my word for it!”

-LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow)