“Summer Vibes” Sale Final Day/Recap

The final day of the Kevin’s Cards “Summer Vibes” Sale had a strong finish!

Before the day started, I posted one more Instagram video telling people that this was their last chance to stop by my booth and buy something! Since it started off slow, I thought for sure it was going to be the exact situation from the first day.

As I did before, I went to see Michele Plunge to show her the fair blog video and she almost had tears of joy. Plus, she brought me good luck. While hanging out in the Vendor Lounge, my confidence started to get low. That’s when I decided to see her a second time to bring me more luck. The more I thought about it, the more depressed I became.

When I saw Megan Krieder, she told me to stay positive! Sure enough, I started to get another sale. However, my main goal was to get Erika O’Bryan to buy something, even though she promised she was going to stop by. When I came to see her, it sounded like she was upset too. So I decided to send her positive thoughts too.

A few hours later, Erika managed to buy a bunch of cards and a painting, which made her very happy. Then, Megan stopped by and wanted to by a beach painting, but she forgot to bring cash. That’s when I decided to give it to her since she’s been through so much and  I didn’t want her to go away empty handed.

Soon, I was able to get an increase on sales, including a calendar, Silvia Bliher with another beach painting, Angel Moore buying a copy of my Artist Alley book, and fair CEO Jerome Hoban buying a fair logo painting. Before we closed, Noemi Alarcon and her friends came and bought some cards as well, which ended it on a strong note and I made a total of $509!

Overall, the Kevin’s Cards “Summer Vibes” Extravaganza was a very particular year because it taught me a whole lot!

The Painting Demos was a learning experience because this was the first time I did one since 2016 and this was something brand new for the Alameda County Fair. Even though it didn’t go as planned, I was able to get some people to watch me paint. 

As for the “Summer Vibes” Sale, this was about not giving up! Even though there were some slow days and I didn’t sell a lot of stuff, this was about staying positive! What did make me happy was the fact the Alameda County Fair was able to help me launch my new Artist Alley Book!

Most importantly, if I hadn’t talked to Michele Plunge, all of my hard work preparing for this would’ve been a waste of time! It may look like that she was my good luck charm, but she was the right person I could look up to because she helped organize my painting demos and she saved the book launch when Megan wasn’t able to do it.

To all the staff of the Alameda County Fair, thank you for making this happen because you are my heroes and you’ve inspired me to be a better person! To those who came, thank you very much for buying my stuff and supporting Kevin’s Cards! Looking forward to doing this again next year!


“The Alameda County Fair is more than just a fair, it’s about making your dreams come true!” -Kevin Smith