Kevin’s Cards Painting Demo/Raffle Day 1

Today was the second year of doing painting demos at the Alameda County Fair and there were a lot of changes made.

First of all, the times were moved to 2 and 4 pm respectively so more people would get a chance to watch me paint. In addition, I had four raffle prizes which included two paintings I did during the demo, eight greeting cards based on the Alameda County Fair, and a copy of my newest book Best of Kevin’s Cards: 10 Years of Painting.

I also included larger signs so people would know where to find me. The purpose of all this was to get more people to see me as opposed to last year. Today’s demo got off to a little rocky start due to conflicts that I do not want to mention, but I was able to work things out and it still turned out for the best.

During the first demo, it was the same outcome as last year’s with no one watching and blanking out on what to say. However, the second demo turned out better as I got a few more people to watch. In the end, I was able to give out a lot of raffle tickets and I got two winners right out of the gate.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s demo will be better with more people to watch me paint!