“Summer Vibes” Sale Day 3

Yesterday’s sale had mixed reviews. Before the fair opened, there was a Vendor Breakfast catered by the Fair Staff which included a raffle and Vendor Awards.

One of the prizes that was given out was the Fair Logo Painting I did during the painting demos. However, the one I wanted the most was a fanny pack with the fair logo. Even though I didn’t win anything this time, I ended up getting for some unknown reason. 

Although I put a lot of hard work and effort into organizing the painting demos and setting up my booth, I missed out on the Vendor Award for the second year in a row. I think it might have been the fact that I had two slow days.

My strategy for getting the award next year is to come up with an even stronger design, do more advertising, or worse case scenario is to do ten days. If there was an award for Maker’s Market specifically, then I probably would have a better shot.

As for the sale itself, it had to be better than the last two days. So I decided to post two more videos where I showcased my portfolio and talked about how far I’ve come over the last several years. Unfortunately, it was dead again! It got me so frustrated, I was about to give up!

During my break, I talked to Michele Plunge to give me some positive feedback hoping that things would get better. Sure enough, it worked again because I was able to sell a few more paintings and more cards. Towards the end of the night, Hella Bay Clothing bought a painting which definitely put me in a better mood.

Overall this got the sales to increase because if I hadn’t talked to Michele, it would’ve been a complete disaster. I think she might be my good luck charm! As the days continue, I hope that her positive thoughts bring me the same luck I had to get even more people to stop by!