Artist Alley Final Day

Yesterday’s sale was a little slower mainly due to the hot weather, even though this was the busiest day so far.

While a few cards were sold, the highlight was that six paintings were sold to family. Another highlight was that Melanie Johnston’s mom was able to stop by and buy some more cards. Plus, she was the one who suggested the new Kevin’s Cards calendar, which I made for her, Melanie, and Veronica Knowlton, as well as others.

With one day left, this is your last chance to buy something for those who haven’t had a chance yet.

And to shake things up a little, the painting prices have been reduced: $20 for Large and $10 for Small/Watercolor. However, it’s STILL CASH ONLY!!! Of course, the card prices will remain the same since they’ve been the best sellers.

Make sure you get a chance to stop by because you don’t want to miss out on this great offer!

Artist Alley Day 4

Yesterday’s sale was definitely one of the best sales so far!

Tons of cards sold like hotcakes and the new box set has started to become more popular now, thanks to the client who suggested it on the first day! Also, four paintings were sold, three water color and one acrylic.

Special guests included uCamps director Doug Cembellin and his fiancé Amy and Artist Alley Coordinator Melanie Johnston.

However, the real highlight was being interviewed by social media coordinator Megan Kreider. When she came to the booth during 4th of July, she took pictures of my booth to post on Instagram. Then, I noticed one of the other booths near me was doing a live interview and that was something that I wanted to do to promote my business. 

The only other time this happened was during my first year in 2016 from The Filipino Channel. Originally, the interviewer Rommel Conclara was supposed to arrive around 6 PM, but came about an hour late. At least the interview was good.  

After sending them a private message, I didn’t think they were going to do it. However, they did manage to show up early and the interview was on! Basically, they’ve asked me the same questions that everyone has been asking me such as where do you get your inspiration or where do you get them printed.

The main reason for this interview was to explain how it got started and to honor the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. If that wasn’t enough, the real kicker was honoring Melanie because if she didn’t mention Artist Alley, I wouldn’t be doing it!

After showing her the interview, her reaction was priceless, especially when I mentioned her, which led her to break into tears! Maybe that’s why the sale was so successful!

Let’s hope for another successful sale today and I hope to see some of you today or tomorrow!


Artist Alley Day 3/Rest in Peace

Yesterday’s 4th of July sale was another great turnout!

After starting slow, lots of cards have been sold, including two box sets bought by my grandmother Rosie. One of my other relatives came in by surprise and brought in her friends to buy a bunch of cards! I honestly didn’t know how it happen!

The highlight of it all was when social media coordinator Megan Kreider came to the booth and posted in on Instagram so people can come find me. Maybe that’s my secret weapon to a successful sale!

Anyone who’s planning to come to fair, note that the fair closes at 11 PM the rest of the weekend, which will give you plenty of time to come visit my booth!

On a side note, today marks the three year anniversary of my grandfather Honesto Tria’s death!

For those who may not know, he actually made an appearance during my first year at Artist Alley and was honored to see my art work before being placed in hospice care. Also, the God Bless painting was created into custom-made sympathy cards which led to the idea for Kevin’s Cards. 

In Loving Memory of Honesto R. Tria (1928 – 2016)

Artist Alley 4th of July Sale/Box Set Debut

Yesterday’s sale got off to a really slow start mainly due to a slow hour! I thought for sure that no one was going to buy anything at all.

However, one of my customers did stop by and she suggested that I do a box set so people can have more cards. After taking her advice, the new idea is now official!

The box set is 12 cards for $10 and you can either buy 12 of the same cards or you can combine 12 different ones, and if you buy them at the fair, I’ll tie a ribbon around it!

About four hours later, the sale kicked into high gear as cards flew out the door. As for the box set, musician Dave Badilla was the first customer to buy it! Also, the new brochures were successful as anticipated. Plus, two paintings were sold just like on the first day last year.

On a side note, we want to thank our brave men and women who served our great country on this 4th of July! If you want to make it extra special, be sure to stop by the Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair for the 4th of July sale!

Just note that the fair closes at 8 PM, fair gates close at 4 PM, and parking closes at 3:30 PM. Hope to see you there!

Happy 4th of July!

Artist Alley Opener

After months of hard work and preparation, Kevin’s Cards is officially back at Artist Alley with an all new card sale!

This year, we got tons of new cards and paintings to sell! Plus, my new brochures will make their debut this year, so people can get more information about Kevin’s Cards if they can’t find my website.

Here’s a list of prices of all the merchandise that I’ll be selling in case you forgot:



6 FOR $5







As a reminder, it’s CASH ONLY!!!

Be sure to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and check out some amazing art until July 7.

Hope to see you there!

Alameda County Fair Preview/Artist Alley Update

Yesterday, I attended the Alameda County Fair to get a sneak preview of Artist Alley and mainly to have fun!

In the Artist Alley, there wasn’t a whole lot of artists as I anticipated mainly because they either moved out before or they haven’t moved in the same week as me. Either way, I’m hoping to see a lot of great artists selling their work during the last week.

As for the fair itself, it’s one of America’s Pastimes during the summer with tons of carnival games, rides, exhibits, farm animals, concerts, and of course tons of fried junk food, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Out of everything I did at the fair, the highlight of it all was seeing my former Artist Alley Coordinators Melanie Johnston and Veronica Knowlton. Last year, Veronica never had an opportunity to buy anything from my booth mainly due to time restraints. However, she did stop by to check on me and I managed to give her a bunch of cards and a painting.

As for Melanie, she came to the booth twice and bought a painting for herself and her mom. I’m hoping that both of them come to the booth together this time.

Just a reminder that my card sale will be July 3 – 7. Here’s the price list of all the items I’ll be selling!



6 FOR $5








Don’t forget that it’s CASH ONLY!!!

Be sure to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and check out some amazing art and you don’t want to miss out on this!

Hope to see you there!

Artist Alley Update

One week from today, Kevin’s Cards will be back with an all new card sale at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair.

Last night, the new cards arrived with the new water color paintings added and a few extra surprises added to it along with more Kevin’s Cards brochures revised and updated. I’m hoping that these new cards will be big sellers along with my previous designs.

Here are a few reminders of where the booth is and the price info on what I’m selling:





6 FOR $5




Don’t forget that it’s CASH ONLY! To help me prepare for this sale, I’ll be going there June 30 to get a preview of Artist Alley, do some final advertising, and mainly to have fun!

Be sure to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and check out some amazing art! Hope to see you there!

Disneyland/Disney’s California Adventure

After my last visit to Disneyland earlier this year, would there be another opportunity for me to go back?

During a business trip with my dad to LA, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to this time because I was mainly there to work. However, since I didn’t have to do anything yesterday, this was where the opportunity came in.

I originally planned to go to Knott’s Berry Farm near Buena Park, but it was too far from where we were working. So, that’s why Disneyland was the better option for me because it was closer and it gave me a chance to visit the other places I missed out on during the last time I was there.

Here’s a list of places I saw and attractions that I went on during this experience:

-Space Mountain

-Astro Orbitor

-Splash Mountain

-Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

-Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

-Matterhorn Bobsleds

-“It’s A Small World”

-Mad Tea Party

-Disneyland Monorail

-Disneyland Railroad

-Grizzly River Run

-Soarin’ Over California

-Radiator Springs Racers

This experience was better than the last one because I downloaded the Disneyland app before arriving. This shows how long the wait is for all the attractions, dining recommendations, showtimes, and even where you can meet the Disney characters.

If I had more time in LA, maybe I could take a tour of Hollywood, visit the campuses of UCLA and/or USC, or even take a trip to the beach such as Long Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, or Santa Monica. However, if I stayed at Disneyland longer, maybe I can stay at one of the Disney Resorts or ones closer to it.

No matter the location, there’s always something waiting to be discovered! Can’t wait to see where my next destination will take place!

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago, the Kevin’s Cards website was launched to display my art and to post blogs about card sales, art I’ve created, and other various topics.

Recently in 2019, I’ve added more travel blogs to places I’ve been to such as Washington DC, Seattle, Disneyland, and Las Vegas. I hope to continue to visit more places like either New York City or Boston. Who knows where I’ll end up next?

As with my cards, I’ve recently added some new ones created with watercolor paints, so there will be more varieties to choose from. Although some people wanted cards for a particular occasion, all the cards can be used for anything such as birthdays, holidays, or anything at all.

However, the winter paintings are perfect for Christmas cards, so I usually create those during the holiday season.

Overall, Kevin’s Cards has really developed within the last three years and I hope to continue to create new projects and sell more cards, including at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair!

Happy Anniversary to the Kevin’s Cards website!

Artist Alley Update

One month from today, Kevin’s Cards will be back at Artist Alley with all new paintings and greeting cards!

The location will be building F and I’ll be in F16 which is one booth down from the Model Railroad Exhibit. All the prices for the cards and paintings will remain the same as before:



6 FOR $5



LARGE- $25


Those who missed out on my previous shows, here’s your opportunity! Be sure to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and check out some amazing art! As a reminder, the dates for my sale are July 3 – July 7 from 11 AM – 11 PM (Closes 8 PM on July 4).

Hope to see you there!