East Coast Trip (Smithsonian Museums)

The East Coast Trip continued with another day in Washington DC. I originally planned to visit the Smithsonian Zoo. However, it was closed because of the snow that came in.

So I decided to return to the Smithsonian Museums to cover the places I haven’t seen during my last visit on Friday.

The ones that I visited today included the following:

-American History Museum

-Natural History Museum

-Air and Space Museum

-Smithsonian Castle/Visitor’s Center

The best part is that all of the Smithsonian Museums are free to get into, but you do need to go through the metal detectors first upon entering.

Once inside, there’s a lot to see and learn about in all of them, and it’s like walking into an interactive classroom. These subjects include US History, US Presidents, Animal Science, Geology, the history of airplanes, Astronomy, and other interesting facts. The Smithsonian Visitor’s Center also gives you facts about the museums and all the landmarks and history of Washington DC. 

I also made a trip to the White House Visitor’s Center to learn about the presidents and First Ladies that lived in the White House and other surprising facts that I never knew about.

With one more day in DC left, more surprises are awaiting for me to be found!

East Coast Trip (Madame Tussaud’s and Other Stops)

The East Coast Trip returned back to Washington DC to cover the remaining places I haven’t seen yet. One of them was the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. This was definitely one of my recommended places that I wanted to see and it was totally worth it.

The first part of the museum were all the presidents and historic icons. These people included George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and of course, our current president, Donald Trump.

The second half were all the different celebrities that ranged from music, sports, and television. These names included Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Colbert, Larry King, Al Roker, and Jimmy Fallon.

My favorite part of the museum was the White House section because you get to experience what it’s like being the president of the United States from being sworn into office to sitting in the Oval Office.

Other stops on my tour included the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl Restaurant and the Washington National’s Ballpark. To top it all off, I took a tour of the Library of Congress. My favorite parts about the library were the Main Reading Room because of all the books they had and a great place to read and study, and an office in the style of a colonial library because I can imagine myself creating designs for Kevin’s Cards in an environment like that. 

As I continue exploring Washington DC, who knows what I’ll find next!

East Coast Trip (Philadelphia)

The East Coast trip continued to Philadelphia, PA. This was my first time back since 2015 and I wanted to revisit some of the places I saw in only one day.

From Secaucus, NJ, Tito Noel, Tita Malyn, Brianna, and I drove about two hours, stopping at Legends Diner to have breakfast with my Uncle Carlito and his family.

Upon arrival to Philadelphia, Tito Noel had some work to do, so the three of us went sightseeing because this was their first time there while enduring the freezing cold weather.

Destinations included the following landmarks:

-Liberty Bell

-Independence Hall

-Betsy Ross House


-Reading Terminal Market

-City Hall

-Love Park

-Logan Circle

-Eastern State Penitentiary

-Philadelphia Zoo

-Philadelphia Museum of Art/Rocky Steps

-Penn’s Landing

On the way back to Virginia, we had to stop by my brother’s alma mater Drexel University. Of course, no trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a Philly cheesesteak!

Although I got to see everything I planned on visiting, the only things I didn’t get a chance to do was to ride the subway, take a tour of the Philadelphia Zoo, and visit Valley Forge and the King of Prussia Mall, but that’ll have to wait until the next trip! 

East Coast Trip (New York City)

The East Coast Trip continued with a trip to New York City. This was my first time back since 2013 and it was one of my top places to visit during my trip.

With Tito Noel, Tita Malyn, and Brianna, we took about a four hour drive from Ashburn, VA. The scenic route that we took was absolutely spectacular with gorgeous landscapes and houses, and passing through cities in Pennsylvania such as Gettysburg and the capital of Harrisburg.

At the Meadowlands River Inn in Secaucus, NJ where we were staying, an advertisement of the NFL Experience in Times Square struck an idea in my head to visit.

Once I arrived in New York City, I had one day to visit the places I planned on seeing while enduring the freezing cold weather! The tour began with a subway ride to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across with all the other tourists. Then, another subway ride took me to Grand Central Terminal, followed by a walk down 42nd Street to Times Square.

Upon arrival, I had to check out the NFL Experience I’ve been hearing about and it turned out to be a great experience! From a simulator ride of an actual football game, to trying out different activities, and part taking in the Super Bowl victory celebration, it was a football fan’s dream come true!

Besides football, the NBA Store was another highlight to this trip because there were lots of NBA gear for everyone’s favorite teams, including my Sacramento Kings.

The other landmarks I covered were Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. Out of all the places I saw, the highlight was definitely Times Square at night because all the nightlife taking place and no trip would be complete without doing it!

Of course, I had to eat like a New Yorker, so New York Style Pizza from a pizzeria on 8th Avenue and New York Style Cheesecake from Junior’s did the trick! 

Although I had a great time in New York City, I didn’t get a chance to cover all the places I wanted to see, so here’s my list for the places I need to visit on my next trip to New York:

-Empire State Building

-Statue of Liberty

-Ellis Island

-Central Park

-New York Public Library

-Wall Street

-New York Stock Exchange

-Ground Zero/911 Memorial

-Madison Square Garden

-Carnegie Hall


-Little Italy


-Yankee Stadium

In addition to all that, I need to eat New York Deli and have a New York Bagel, take more rides on the subway, and ride in a taxi cab to become a true New Yorker! Can’t wait till my next trip to New York!

East Coast Trip (Washington DC)

The East Coast Trip continued with another tour of Washington DC. With an earlier start today, there was more time to cover the must-see spots.

The US Capitol Building, Washington Monument, and White House were seen again, and other important areas were visited as well such as a tour of Arlington Cemetery, and visiting the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, World War II Memorial, and the Smithsonian Museums such as the American History, Natural History, Air and Space, and American Indian.

There was also a side trip to the Ronald Regan Washington National Airport since it is one of the most important airports in DC, along with Washington Dulles.

No trip would be complete without a bird’s eye view from the Old Post Office Building. 

As my trip continues, who knows what surprises I’ll unfold next!

East Coast Trip (Arrival/Washington DC)

One of the biggest trips in 2018 took place in the East Coast with a destination of Washington DC.

Yesterday was my 5 hour flight from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Washington Dulles (IAD). Upon arrival, my Uncle Noel picked me up and took me to his home in Ashburn, VA, which is about 45 minutes from Washington DC.

The real kicker was surprising my Aunt Malyn and cousin Brianna because they had no idea I was flying in for a surprise visit. This was a secret kept for about a month and half. 

Today was the beginning of my tour of Washington DC. The only downside of it was a late start because of the confusion of the bus schedule. Once I figured it out, it was literally a no brainer.

During my tour, I was able to see a majority of the historic landmarks such as the White House, US Capitol Building, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, The Pentagon, and Union Station.  

Although I didn’t do everything I originally planned to do, there will be plenty of time to see the rest of the sites as the days go on! 

2018 CFP National Championship

Congratulations to Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the 2018 CFP National Championship!

This was definitely one of the most intense match ups because the Georgia Bulldogs were up 13-0 at halftime and thought this was going to be an easy win for them!

During the second half, Alabama came right back and tied the game with 20 points for each time, which sent the game into overtime. Georgia scored first with a field goal and thought they had a shot at winning. In the end, it was the game winning touchdown that Alabama scored on 2nd & 26, which led them to a 26-23 victory.

With college football over for the season, it’s off to the NFL for a majority of students with stops at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana and the 2018 NFL Draft in Arlington, Texas to see which teams they’ll play next season.

As mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve been really interested in seeing all the potential match-ups in the NCCA such as the Pac 12, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC, lower ranked schools, and even inner conferences because it’s fun seeing all these rivals squaring off against each other and you’ll never know who will play in the next bowl game or CFP National Championship.

One of my projects that I plan on doing is “A House Divided” series with all the rivalries using the NCCA schools and also NFL, MLB, and NBA because of all the creations I’ve seen at past art & wine festivals and you’ll never know who will play next!

To all the NCCA schools, thanks again for a great season and good luck to the students playing college football next season and to future NFL players!


The first trip of 2018 took place in Seattle, Washington. This was my first time back in 15 years and I wanted to revisit some of the places I saw in 2003 with only one day that I had.

Some of the major landmarks included the famous Space Needle, Pike Pier Market, and the first Starbucks that opened in 1971.

Some of the highlights included spending time with my cousin Jordan and his girlfriend Marge while riding the Seattle Giant Wheel to get the best view of the city and visiting the Starbucks Reserve Roasting Company where they roast their own coffee beans, package them for shipping, and provide coffee tasting. Plus, it’s one of the largest Starbucks in the world.

However, the greatest moment was catching a fish from the men who threw them for customers behind the counter! Although it may have rained on and off during my visit, it was well worth the trip!

Since I’ve been interested in traveling, maybe I can make custom made posters of the places I’ve been over the years. Who knows where my next destination will take place!

College Football Bowl Games

In case anyone missed the College Football Bowl Games, here’s a recap of the final scores of a majority of them, including the New Year Six:

Las Vegas Bowl

Boise State- 38

Oregon- 28


Potato Bowl

Central Michigan- 14

Wyoming- 37


Hawaii Bowl

Fresno State- 33

Houston- 27


Cactus Bowl

Kansas State- 35

UCLA- 17


Foster Farms Bowl

Arizona- 35

Purdue- 38


Camping World Bowl

Virginia Tech- 21

Oklahoma State- 30


Alamo Bowl

Stanford- 37

TCU- 39


Cotton Bowl

USC- 7

Ohio State- 24


TaxSlayer Bowl

Louisville- 27

Mississippi State- 31


Liberty Bowl

Iowa State-21

Memphis- 20


Fiesta Bowl

Washington- 28

Penn State- 35


Orange Bowl

Wisconsin- 34

Miami- 24


Outback Bowl

Michigan- 19

South Carolina- 26


Peach Bowl

UCF- 34

Auburn- 27


Citrus Bowl

Notre Dame- 21

LSU- 17


Rose Bowl (2 OT)

*Georgia- 54

Oklahoma- 48


Sugar Bowl

*Alabama- 24

Clemson- 6


With one final game on the line, Alabama and Georgia will square off at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta in an SEC Showdown during the 2018 CFP National Championship Game on January 8.

May the best team win!






Welcome to 2018! As we kick off the New Year, let’s recap what has happened in 2017 in sports, the world, and with Kevin’s Cards



2017 College Football National Champions- Clemson Tigers

Super Bowl LI Champions- New England Patriots

2017 March Madness Champions- North Carolina Tar Heels

2017 NBA Champions- Golden State Warriors

2017 Stanley Cup Champions- Pittsburgh Penguins

2017 World Series Champions- Houston Astros


The World:

Hurricane Harvey (Texas)

Hurricane Irma (Florida)

Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico)

California Wildfires


Kevin’s Cards

-Debut of Greeting Cards (Dec. 2016)

-First Card Sale @ Alameda County Fair’s Artist Alley (June 2017)

-Debut of kevinscards.com Website (June 2017)

-Debut of Kevin’s Cards logo and Business Card (November 2017)


With the arrival of the new year, let’s hope the new sales will be as great as last year, thanks to my new business cards and new logo.

In addition to my cards, I also like to create new projects with my paintings to make them more exciting, such as posters, calendars, or anything else I can come up with.

I also plan to explore more art & wine festivals this year to get more inspiration.

Let’s see what 2018 has in store!


Happy New Year!