Back in the Saddle

After over a year on hiatus, Kevin’s Cards is back!

2020 was the hardest year for everyone through working from home, online learning, and video chatting with friends and family. It was especially hard for me after temporary shutting down Kevin’s Cards and taking a break from social media. 

During late March – early April, it’s been nothing but pure depression, missing the outside world and doing all the things I enjoyed doing the most. But I have been watching some shows to try to calm my nerves such as Futurama and Buzzr Channel, featuring classic game shows from the 70’s and 80’s, including Match GameClassic Concentration, and Supermarket Sweep

While those shows helped a little, I needed something more to really put me in a better mood. In mid April, I decided to watch Nickelodeon GAS on my laptop, which include Legends of the Hidden TempleNickelodeon GUTS, Double DareFigure it OutGet the Picture, and Wild n Crazy Kids. These shows definitely kept me entertained and it brought back memories!

As time went on, I started going back to creating college posters on InDesign and continued to watch Nick GAS to keep me entertained, but was this going to be the end of Kevin’s Cards?

In May 2021, Terri Thut from the Alameda County Fair gave me another opportunity to sell my art work for the upcoming fair in October. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, but I soon realized that this year was Kevin’s Cards 5th Anniversary. I told Terri that I would do it if I got my business put back together again!

First step was to create a new logo. This was more modernized which is a navy blue circle and Kevin’s on top, Cards on the bottom, and KC in the middle, which is a lighter blue. In addition, I also created new brochures, business cards, and new back designs for the next set of greeting cards.After sending them out to Terri, she gave the stamp of approval to let me return!

Kevin’s Cards is returning to the Alameda County Fair for the first time since 2019 for the 5 year anniversary sale, October 22 – 31. This year will be the biggest sale featuring new cards, paintings, and a bunch of surprises! Be sure to tell all your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues because you don’t miss out on this! 

Hope to see you there and welcome back Kevin’s Cards!