From Painting to Card

Over the past five years, I’ve been posting blogs about Kevin’s Cards whether it’s about an art show, card sale, projects I’ve worked on, and other various topics. I’ve also been getting a lot of questions such as where I come up with ideas for new paintings, where I get my cards printed, or where I’ve sold my cards. But very few people know the real story of Kevin’s Cards.

For the first time, Kevin’s Cards now has a new book entitled From Painting to Card. This is an autobiography that tells the true story of how a simple painting turned into something I hadn’t dreamed of doing. It contains all of the FAQ’s that people have asked me, plus some surprising facts that no one knew about.

It was created back in January 2020 and I was planning to publish it during the summer, but it never happened due to the pandemic. This year, I made a lot of modifications to get it just right and had a really hard time finding the right publishing company to publish it for me. In the end, I read about getting it self-published because it was more affordable and easier for me. 

Writing this book was a huge step into having my business succeed and I’m really proud of the way it turned out in the end without giving up!

If you like to get a copy, you can order it at Amazon Books for only $9.99. This book will be showcased at this year’s Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair in October and I plan on doing a live book reading so people can hear my story.

Don’t wait, order your copy today!