Third Times the Charm/Giveaway

Last night, my friend Justin and I returned to the Oakland Coliseum for our third consecutive A’s game this year, and also for the free Rickey Henderson jersey giveaway. Even though we managed to arrive at the stadium early, the lines were pretty long. At least we were able to get the jerseys!

Although we lost twice to the Houston Astros the first two times, we were able to get a miracle win, thanks to a walk off homer by A’s LF, Khris Davis, and a final score of 5-3.

Speaking of giveaways, even though I plan to sell my cards, I also plan to give them away for free, especially for people who never ask, so that way, they won’t feel left out.

For example, after buying a used suitcase from a local garage sale, I was generous enough to return the offer by giving away some of my cards to the sellers.

Whether it’s buying a card, sending a card to a love one, or giving them away to other people, the cards just keep coming around!