Niles Antique Fair

Today, I went to the Niles District of Fremont for the annual Antique Fair to see what people were selling. The items that were sold ranged from old antiques from back in the day, to newer stuff, and everything in between. The booths that I enjoyed the best were the sports wear such as jerseys, hats, T-Shirts, trading cards, and fan signs.

The highlight of the day was buying a painting from a seller that painted it himself. At first glance, I knew that I had to purchase it, and he sold it to me for $5 because this painting was inspired by Bob Ross.

After seeing all the things at the antique fair, it gave me the inspiration to create my own masterpieces that could turn into a future greeting card, whether it’s a Bob Ross style painting or something in the sports industry.

In addition, I plan to continue to explore more antique fairs, flea markets, swap meets, or art-and-wine festivals, so I can find more hidden treasures to discover. Who knows what I might find! Maybe my cards can also be sold at these types of events.