Back to Painting

I returned to my art class at Laney College to start creating new designs for future greeting cards. We began by creating different styles of color wheels to show different shades/tints of colors.

After showing my previous cards to others, there were great reviews from several students as well as professor Leslie. She mentioned to the class that you’re here to show off your painting skills because according to Bob Ross, “This canvas is your world. You’re the creator”.

Of course, it didn’t take long for me to jump right into painting mode. This week, I worked on a smaller 8×10” canvas instead of my usual 16×20”, and it was back to basic paintings to refresh the imagination. As I was working,  professor Leslie stated to me, “You paint like crazy!” Well, what can I say? The kid still got it!

As the weeks go on, there will be new masterpieces that will be developed into future greeting cards, including the color wheel. And I’ll try to upload pictures to see the progress that goes on.