Washington State/Stanford Game

Today, I watched the Stanford Cardinal take on the Washington State Cougars at Stanford Stadium with my cousin TJ. This was the second college football game we went to this year after attending the Idaho State/CAL Game last month.

The tickets were courtesy of my Uncle David Lambros, whose part of the PAC 12 Officiating Crew, and was also officiating the game. Even though we didn’t get a chance to see him in person, he was able to see us from the replay booth upstairs. Our seats were located in the exact same area where I sat during the game against UCLA last year with Justin.

As for overall game itself, this was definitely without question one of the most intense match ups I’ve ever seen.

It started off as a back-n-forth game with each team scoring a touchdown on their opening drive. Then, Stanford led 28-17 at halftime, thinking that we had a shot to win the game.

The second half was where things got really intense, especially late in the fourth quarter where the score was tied at 38 points a piece. If it was still tied, the game could’ve went to overtime. However, it was a last second field goal that gave Washington State the win by a final score of 41-38.

Even though we lost, watching the game live definitely made it a great experience, especially if it’s a team playing in the same conference because match-ups like those or even college bowl games are definitely the best ones to attend to.

As with my projects, I have revisited the sports posters to make them more updated, especially with college football, since I decided to put them all together in one poster rather than making ones for individual conferences because I can imagine them playing in multiple match-ups.

Special thanks to Uncle Dave for the tickets and to TJ for attending the game with me! Looking forward to the next game I attend!