Oakland A’s Game

Last night, I watched the Oakland A’s take on the Houston Astros with my friend, Justin. Even though it was scoreless the first 5 innings, we ended up losing 5-1.

As mentioned about my interest in sports, my next set of greeting cards may include the A’s logo in different colors of green, gold, grey, and white. They may not look exactly like the real one, but it’ll have my own custom flair to it. In addition, I’ll also include the San Francisco Giants for those who follow them, even though I don’t.

For football season, I’ll create some for both the 49ers and the Raiders, along with the NFL logo and other teams as well for my passionate of football.

For basketball season, I’ll create some for my Sacramento Kings and the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. If I just created cards for my teams only, people may feel left out! So it’s good to include other fans as well!