Kevin’s Cards “Road to Summer” Sale Day 2

Yesterday’s sale was a wild one!

Before the fair opened, the vendors and employees were invited to a special breakfast organized by the Alameda County Fair staff. There was also a raffle of special prizes. One of them was a baseball cap with Alameda County Fair logo and that was the one I was trying to get. Luckily, one of the fair employees gave me one and was really happy!

During the sale, a customer bought another copy of my book From Painting to Card, but then got slow again. I decided to do another Instagram video by giving people a tour of my booth and showing them the different items I was selling.

A few minutes later, it actually worked because of my classmates and best friends for 20 years, Haley Hertz surprised me at my booth and bought a couple of cards and another copy of the book. During my lunch break, the exact same thing happened from yesterday. I got a call from one of my volunteers stating that someone bought a painting and ran down to help him out!

As if I thought it was going to get slow again, a kid came in and bought a card and a painting. The real kicker was fair coordinator Erika O’Bryan finally being able to come to the booth after missing out last year along with a bunch of friends she was hanging out with.

Since she requested for me to create paintings from the Alameda County Fair, her favorite was the “Road to Summer” Painting. She originally planned to buy it the next day, but I told her it would sell out if she waited too long. So, she ended up buying it and that hit the jackpot!

Overall, yesterday was a huge improvement from the first day as I made over $150 in only two days! Let’s hope this streak continues throughout the entire sale!