Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago, the Kevin’s Cards website was launched to display my art and to post blogs about card sales, art I’ve created, and other various topics.

Recently in 2019, I’ve added more travel blogs to places I’ve been to such as Washington DC, Seattle, Disneyland, and Las Vegas. I hope to continue to visit more places like either New York City or Boston. Who knows where I’ll end up next?

As with my cards, I’ve recently added some new ones created with watercolor paints, so there will be more varieties to choose from. Although some people wanted cards for a particular occasion, all the cards can be used for anything such as birthdays, holidays, or anything at all.

However, the winter paintings are perfect for Christmas cards, so I usually create those during the holiday season.

Overall, Kevin’s Cards has really developed within the last three years and I hope to continue to create new projects and sell more cards, including at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair!

Happy Anniversary to the Kevin’s Cards website!