2018 College Football Season

This weekend, the 2018 College Football season will kick off!

Schools from all different conferences will compete in a bunch of intense match ups and they range from the PAC 12, BIG 10, BIG 12, SEC, ACC, and everyone in between! Here’s a list of some of the must watch games to see:

-Colorado vs Colorado State

-Michigan vs Notre Dame

-Iowa State vs Iowa

-USC vs Stanford

-USC vs Texas

-TCU vs Texas

-Texas A&M vs Alabama

-Stanford vs Notre Dame

-Florida State vs Miami

-Texas Tech vs TCU

-UCLA vs California

-Baylor vs Texas

-Michigan vs Michigan State

-Florida vs Georgia

-North Carolina vs Duke

-Kansas vs Kansas State

-TCU vs Baylor

Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma

-California vs USC

-Utah vs Colorado

-Stanford vs California


-Oregon vs Oregon State

-Washington vs Washington State

-Michigan vs Ohio State

-Kentucky vs Louisville

-Arizona State vs Arizona

-BYU vs Utah

-Notre Dame vs USC

-Stanford vs UCLA

-Auburn vs Alabama

-Army vs Navy

This will be a long journey to see who will compete in the next set of Bowl Games and the 2019 CFP Championship Game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, and who will be the next College Football Champion! 

If you want to see your favorite teams, check out my custom-made college football posters and A House Divided posters for college football! In addition to the ones I already have, I plan to continue to create more like these!

To all the teams out there, good luck and have a great season!