Washington DC Tour (Georgetown, National Mall, and Other Places)

Today’s tour of Washington DC covered a lot more ground than the last couple of days, thanks to an earlier start and nicer weather!

First stop was a revisit of Georgetown. This part of DC has cobblestone streets, great shopping and dining options, and historic colonial style homes. As I mentioned during my last visit, I can picture myself living in one of those homes and having one of the rooms as an office or studio for Kevin’s Cards in the style of a colonial library.

However, the real reason why I wanted to return to this area was to get a tour of Georgetown University. While most of the buildings were closed, I was able to see the Healy Hall, which is the main building seen in the front of the campus, the football field, one of the libraries, and one of the dining halls where the students ate lunch.

Other stops included Dupont Circle, Washington Circle, and Farragut Square. Of course, no trip to DC is complete without a visit to the major landmarks. Since I already saw the US Capitol on the first day, I planned to see the rest of them at night. Unfortunately, it never happened due to the snowy weather. However, since today was nicer, this was my opportunity to do it!

First stop was the White House where the president lives. I even had an opportunity to get a picture of myself sitting in the oval office as if I were the President of the United States. Just nearby the White House was the National Christmas Tree, even though there weren’t any decorations on it.

Other places included the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, World War II Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial. On the way back to the Metro Station, I happened to walk through George Washington University.

Overall, I did cover a lot more ground than the last two days and I got to see a majority of the sites I wanted to visit. However, there’s still more things to visit as the tour continues on!