Visual Arts vs Graphic Arts

As I’ve been creating new projects, I’ve learned the difference between visual and graphic arts, and how they connect together at the same time. A lot of people have been asking me about how I come up with these ideas. Both projects start off with a blank canvas and the process takes off from there.

When I paint a landscape, I start with a general idea of what to paint whether it’s an image off the internet or a painting inspired by Bob Ross. From there, everything is made up as I go along.

As with my poster designs, it’s almost the same principle, except it takes a little more research because I like to have things in the same category so they don’t get mixed up with anything else, whether it’s a sports team, television show, or a video game.

Color plays an important role in both projects because I want things to compliment with each other.

In painting, colors to me determine what the season is. For example, autumn would consist of warmer colors such as gold, red, orange, or brown. Winter on the other hand would have cooler colors such as blue, white, black, or grey.

The same is true with my posters because I want the images to stand out nicer as opposed to leaving it just white. If I were to make a Sacramento Kings poster, I’d use purple for the background because it’s the team color. 

Whether it’s painting a landscape or designing a poster, I’m always satisfied at how the project turns out in the end! 

The bad news however is that none of the sports or TV posters are going to make it on to the website, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to go to waste! I’ll just have to find another way to display them. However, the custom-made posters for my paintings will be guaranteed a spot for sure!

As I continue my projects, who knows what will inspire me next and how it’ll turn out! Which project will people like the best? You’ll never know what people will agree on!