Kevin’s Cards Update/2023 Theme

I may have been away since the summer, but let me get you caught up on what’s been happening with Kevin’s Cards.

First of all, Kevin’s Cards just released six new designs for Christmas Cards which are available until Christmas Eve. All of them were painted at a paint studio called CreĆ”tif in Pleasanton, where they have an open studio where you can walk in and paint at your own pace. They provide you with all the supplies you need and the staff are very friendly. It’s also great for kids birthday parties.

Today, I had a meeting at the Alameda County Fair with fair executive assistant Stephanie Skinner and fair CEO Jerome Hoban to discuss about Artist Alley. For those who think they are the same as commercial vendors, it’s not true!

The commercial vendors in Buildings A & B sell products you might have seen on TV commercials and are most popular in large retail stores. Artist Alley focuses on handmade crafts made by local artists who have small businesses. 

Since they enjoyed the “Road to Summer” Sale, they told me about the theme for the 2023 Fair, which led to the idea for the Kevin’s Cards “Summer Vibes” Sale. All the paintings for next year will be based around summer and summer-related activities such as summer camp, the beach, and of course the county fair.

Since I’ve been so focused on Artist Alley, does that mean I’ll ever stop going to other art shows? Of course not! I always enjoy going to them whether it’s an art & wine festival, craft fair, flea market, or anywhere else that local artists showcase their work!

Sometimes, I see some of my old friends and also meet new ones as well! If I want them to see my booth, I have to make sure to see their’s so I can support them! Who knows how many fans I might have!

More details will be announced later and there might be a few surprises as well!