Kevin’s Cards “Road to Summer” Sale Day 4

Yesterday’s sale was a huge improvement!

Right out of the gate, the two vendors next to me wanted the “Sunset Window” painting. Eventually, the one on my left ended up buying it first. 

Then, I decided to post another Instagram video honoring the Alameda County Fair employees because I consider them my heroes! While it was slow during the day, I managed to get the musician who performed at Artist Alley to buy cards, followed by a couple of teenagers who wanted to do the same.

Soon the sales skyrocketed, and my friend Anthony was able to see my booth for the first time and bought a calendar. Also, musician David Badilla and his family bought a calendar, painting, and greeting cards. Towards the end of the night, another fair employee Michelle and her family bought cards as well! 

Overall, I made a total of $175 and a grand total of $405 within the four days. With one day left, the prices have been reduced so people can have a chance to buy stuff!

“Alameda County Fair” Painting- $20

Paintings- $15

Calendars- $10

From Painting to Card– $5

The greeting card prices will remain the same, but it’s still cash only! If you haven’t got a chance to see my booth, this will be your final opportunity! You don’t want to miss out on this!