Kevin’s Cards Posters

Over the years, all of my original paintings have been created into greeting cards, which enhances the name “Kevin’s Cards”. In the past, I have used them in other projects such as calendars, custom-books, and featured in my autobiographies From Painting to Card and Artist Alley: Kevin’s Cards at the Alameda County Fair

While some people are lucky to have the original painting, everyone else would have to view them on my website. Now, there’s a way that you can see my art.

For the first time, my original paintings will be made into posters. This will feature some of the best ones I created and will be divided into six categories:

-Best of Mountains

-Best of Winter

-Best of Autumn

-Best of Watercolor

-Best of Christmas

-Best of Alameda County Fair

They will be sold during the Kevin’s Cards “Summer Vibes” Sale along with the cards, calendars, paintings, and books. For those who never had an opportunity to see my paintings or don’t have access to the internet, be sure to stop by my booth and get my poster!