Kevin’s Cards Portfolio

Over the years, I have created various works of art through painting and computer. As an artist, it’s important to have a portfolio so I can showcase my various styles and skills I’ve perfected, which is why I decided to create one. This will include an artist resume, my original paintings, graphic arts projects, Kevin’s… Continue reading Kevin’s Cards Portfolio

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Kevin’s Cards Posters

Over the years, all of my original paintings have been created into greeting cards, which enhances the name “Kevin’s Cards”. In the past, I have used them in other projects such as calendars, custom-books, and featured in my autobiographies From Painting to Card and Artist Alley: Kevin’s Cards at the Alameda County Fair.  While some people are lucky… Continue reading Kevin’s Cards Posters

Live Painting Demos

Every year that Kevin’s Cards has been at Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair, one of biggest requests from people is to do live painting demos. I’ve only done it once during my first year in 2016 and it’s easier said than done mainly because of time restraints, which involves set-up and clean-up, getting… Continue reading Live Painting Demos