“That Summer Feeling” Sale Day 2 (4th of July)/RIP

Yesterday’s 4th of July Sale was another good one.

Before the fair opened, a Vendor Breakfast was held for all the vendors. In addition, there was a raffle for different prizes that people donated. The items I donated were the Midnight Waterfall painting from the painting demos and all three of my books. Of all the items that I wanted to win, I wanted to go for the blue Alameda County Fair cap.

I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get it, but to my surprise, I ended up getting it! Unfortunately, I missed out on the Vendor Award for the third year in a row, even though set up day went well and I had a strong sale on the first day.

As for the actual sale, I sold two watercolor paintings and a few greeting cards. Hopefully, I’ll get some better sales as the days continue.


In Loving Memory of Honesto R. Tria (1928 – 2016)