Art Night/Treasurefest

A lot of people have been complaining that I haven’t painted since I’ve been more focused on my graphic arts and creating projects with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Well, the wait is finally over! As it turns out, there will be new paintings for 2018 that will be transformed into the next set of greeting… Continue reading Art Night/Treasurefest

California State Fair

Yesterday, I attended the California State Fair at Sacramento’s Cal Expo. This event is bigger than the Alameda County Fair, but it’s still America’s favorite summer pastime for all ages, whether it’s riding the carnival rides, eating fried junk food, and exploring the different exhibits. Unlike the county fair, the state fair’s has exhibits that… Continue reading California State Fair

Artist Alley Recap

Yesterday’s final sale turned out to be a strong finish! Once again, I had my first customer before opening, courtesy of Lisa Brightfire Photography. Also for the first time, I had more paintings sold which increased from the previous days. After Melanie Johnston bought a painting for herself, she bought one for her mom who… Continue reading Artist Alley Recap

Artist Alley Final Day

Yesterday’s sale got off to a great start because I had one customer buy some cards right before the fair opened, which has never happened in the last two years! Other than that, it was a pretty slow day due to the hot weather. However, I did manage to sell another two paintings and more… Continue reading Artist Alley Final Day

Artist Alley Day 3

Yesterday’s card sale was a little slower, but turned out to be another good sale! The main reason is because the morning hours tend to be slower, but it really picks up in the late afternoon and early evening. With another couple of paintings sold and more cards bought, it’s really keeping the customers coming… Continue reading Artist Alley Day 3