California State Fair

Yesterday, I attended the California State Fair at Sacramento’s Cal Expo.

This event is bigger than the Alameda County Fair, but it’s still America’s favorite summer pastime for all ages, whether it’s riding the carnival rides, eating fried junk food, and exploring the different exhibits.

Unlike the county fair, the state fair’s has exhibits that represent California’s different counties and cultures so visitors who never been to this state can experience what each area is like. They also have a monorail to show people around the entire fair. Unfortunately, it was closed that day due to mechanical problems. 

They did have an art exhibit similar to Artist Alley, however it was in an air conditioned building instead of an outdoor vendor. Some of them ranged from crafts, photography, paintings, and everything in between.

I don’t know if I plan to sell my cards at this particular place due to extremely hot weather, it’s farther from Fremont, and it could potentially be pricer than the county fair. However, if I was in Sacramento, then maybe I could consider it!

As I’ve said before, any art show, art and wine festival, or even a county fair could be a great place to sell my cards and display my art!