New Watercolor Paintings

After months of hard work, the new watercolor paintings are ready! They will be made into the next set of greeting cards and all of them will be sold at Artist Alley so there will be two different styles of paintings to experience. Will people like the watercolor as much as the acrylic? Which painting… Continue reading New Watercolor Paintings

Artist Alley Update

Anyone whose planning to buy cards or paintings during my sale at Artist Alley, here’s a list of prices: GREETING CARDS $1 EACH 6 for $5 LARGE PAINTINGS $25 SMALL & WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS $15 As a side note, it’s cash only, so be prepared for that! More details will be announced later! Hope to see… Continue reading Artist Alley Update

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day! Be sure to tell all your mothers and grandmother’s how much you appreciate them and do something really special for them like giving them flowers, cooking a special meal, or going out together! Happy Mother’s Day!

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