Alameda County Fair Preview/Artist Alley Update

Yesterday, I made a pit stop at the Alameda County Fair to get a preview of Artist Alley and to just to have fun! As a reminder to what Artist Alley is, different artists display their creations and sell them to visitors and locals who attend the fair whether it’s paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, or… Continue reading Alameda County Fair Preview/Artist Alley Update

Artist Alley Update

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! One month from today, Kevin’s Cards will be having a card sale July 4-8 at Artist Alley during the Alameda County Fair! Here are some of the updates so far: -Artist Alley is located in Building F near the Model Railroad Exhibit and my exact location will be announced later this month -Greeting… Continue reading Artist Alley Update

Double Art & Wine Festivals

This weekend, I attended two art shows for the price of one! One took place in Downtown Sunnyvale and the other in Walnut Creek’s Heather Field Park. Normally, I would only attend one show or festival. However, I needed more ideas for my booth at Artist Alley, and coincidently, both of these events were going… Continue reading Double Art & Wine Festivals

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