“That Summer Feeling” Sale Day 4

Yesterday’s sale was another good one!

At first, it started slow and I didn’t think anyone would buy anything. That’s when I decided to see Michele Plunge because every time I saw her, I end up doing better and somehow she’s my good luck charm. Turned out, it worked again as I was able to sell some greeting cards.

Michele isn’t the only one, all of the Alameda County Fair staff members have inspired me to be a better person. That’s why I decided to create an Instagram video thanking them for all the hard work they do. After showing it to Michele, she almost teared up even though she said no crying at work.

As expected, I ended up selling more greeting cards and her luck continued. Later on, I was able to sell two more paintings. The night got even better as I sold more greeting cards, followed by two paintings, one from Selenite Moon and Erika O’Bryan.

Overall, Michele’s luck really kicked into high gear this time as it was a strong finish! With one more day left, I am hoping to end this sale on a high note!