“That Summer Feeling” Sale Final Day/Recap

Yesterday’s final day sale was another strong one!

Since I had tons of items left, I decided to do a buy one, get one half off sale on the paintings, books, and calendars to see if I could make a lot more money. Just like the first day, the band member Jimmy, who played music at Maker’s Market bought two cards before we even opened.

Then, it started to get slow again as it was over the last four days due to the heat. As I’ve been doing in the past, I went to see Michele Plunge because she has been my good luck charm and somehow I end up doing better. As expected, I was able to sell more cards and Michele returned to my booth to buy a calendar.

Then, I got a few more sales including my friends buying the Best of Kevin’s Cards book, calendar, and greeting cards, fair staff member Michell Thompson buying cards and the Artist Alley book, and Silvia Bliher buying cards as well.

Nighttime got even crazier with Selenite Moon buying another copy of  the Best of Kevin’s Cards book and the God Bless greeting card, Hella Bay Clothing buying a painting, and a final sale before closing up for the night. In the end, I made a grand total of $552, which was a slight improvement from last year.

Overall, this sale had a lot of challenges with the hot weather and getting slow sales, but it didn’t slow me down because for the first time, I was able to get a customer to buy something before we even opened on the first day. Set up day was hands down the easiest one ever thanks to strategic planning and no arguing.

Even though I had a good shot of getting the vendor award this year, I came up a little short. My plan for next year is to try to do at least 10 days like I did during the 2021 Fair so more people will have an opportunity to see my booth and potentially make a lot more money. It maybe a challenge, but it’s worth trying because you never what can happen!

What really made this sale possible was the entire Alameda County Fair staff because they do more than just paperwork, send emails, and organize meetings, they are my heroes and have inspired me to be a better person. Anytime I was having a bad day, I could always look up to them and they made me feel better.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into organizing the fair and for supporting Kevin’s Cards throughout the years! Also thanks to everyone who came to my booth and bought something!

Looking forward to doing this again soon!