UCLA/Stanford Game

Last night, my friend Justin and I watched the Stanford Cardinal take on the UCLA Bruins at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto. The tickets were courtesy of my uncle David Lambros, who is part of the Pac 12 officiating crew. This was Justin’s first ever college football game, and my third overall.

One of the craziest moments was when two players were ejected from the game due to targeting, which is hitting a player with the crown of the helmet. One was against UCLA in the first quarter, and one against Stanford in the third. In the end, we managed to destroy UCLA by a final score of 58-34.

The highlight of the night was meeting a lady named Kelly Macabe, who was sitting directly behind us. She asked us if we went to school at Stanford, and obviously we didn’t.

Then, I told her that Dave got us the tickets, and that’s when we realized that she knows him because her husband, Mike is also a Pac 12 official, who happened to be officiating the game. We thought that we were talking to a random person! Of course, I had to tell her about my web page.

In link to my interest in sports, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the biggest rivalry games because even though I enjoy watching my favorite teams, the rivalry ones to me are more intense.

My future project might have something to do with all the rivalry games in sports, especially college football, such as Stanford/CAL, UCLA/USC, Army/Navy, etc. This would be a great way to decide which side people are on!

Of course, my paintings will never go away since there the one thing everyone can agree on! It’s just a way to mix things up a little!