Lafayette Art & Wine Festival/More Inspiration

If one art and wine festival wasn’t enough for me, another one gave me another chance to find more inspiration for my art. That’s where the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival came in to play.

As usual, different artists displayed their styles of art for people to experience. Some of them returned from the Mountain View festival, and others were there for the weekend only. Overall, they all had great styles of art and it was kinda hard to choose one.

However, there was one artist that just edged it out a little. An artist named Daniel Mason was giving a free painting demo at the State Farm booth. Of course I had to do it! He did have a sample for us to paint, but we were allowed to change it a little.

With only a limited amount of equipment, how was I going to approach this? By breaking the rules and just showing off my artistic skills because in art, you can do whatever you want! Of course, it was a Bob Ross style painting. At the end of the demo, I decided to give it him just as a way to say thanks!

During both festivals, I collected business cards from other artists and shared my website with them. This was a way for me to see their perspective of art and to get some ideas of how I can turn it into something created by me.

In return, it’s also a chance for them to have some of my cards for them to send to their friends and relatives. Maybe someday my cards will be selling like hotcakes at festivals like these.

On a side note, I picked up a book yesterday at a farmer’s market in Napa entitled Happy Little Accidents: The Wit and Wisdom of Bob Ross, to give me inspiration for new paintings that might turn into future greeting cards. Who knows where I might find more inspiration!