“Road to Summer” Sale


Kevin’s Cards is returning to Artist Alley at the Alameda County Fair from July 6 – 10! For the first time, there will be a theme entitled “Road to Summer,” which is the theme for the 2022 Alameda County Fair.

All of the cards and paintings will be based on elements from the county fair such as carnival rides and fireworks. As an added bonus, there will even be some with buildings from the Alameda County Fair such as the racetrack and the Farmhouse Building.

In the past, I created cards based on landscapes painted by Bob Ross.  However, one of the fair employees Erika O’Bryan requested to have paintings inspired by the county fair. I definitely agree with her because people would probably get tired of the same things I paint every year and an opportunity to try something different for a change.

Be sure to tell all your friends and relatives to stop by because you don’t want to miss out on this! More details will be announced later!

Hope to see you there!