Los Altos Art & Wine Festival/Where to Paint Next?

Yesterday, I attended the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival in Los Altos.

This was a new festival I visited and the first one to attend for fun after my huge card sale at Artist Alley. While it was a trek to get there, it was definitely worth it! Tons of local artists displaying their creations and plenty of things for everyone to enjoy!

Although this is one show I haven’t attended yet, I would definitely make the trip back, but I wouldn’t sell my cards there, unless if I was in the area.

After my recent card sale, a lot of people have been requesting for me to paint more landscapes. Over the past few days, I’ve been doing research on local artists to collaborate with because I can get feedback from them while developing new ideas at the same time.

While browsing all the booths, I visited a couple of local art galleries and the managers suggested I attend an open studio, which sounds like a great idea! The only question is which one to attend.

With so many choices, I’ll have to do tons of research to find the right one and also which art show to sell my cards!