This week has been really hard!

I’ve recently lost one of my classmates from Irvington High School, Lea Adamovic! After seeing a bunch of her pictures on Facebook, I didn’t know exactly what was going on. When I heard about her passing, it was a huge hit and words couldn’t describe this feeling!

During our time in high school, we were in dance class during our junior year and we saw each other at school dances. However, we never had an opportunity to hang out!

The only other time I saw her outside of class was at a football game at Stanford in 2015 with my best friend Sam against her alma mater, Oregon Ducks. I did tell her that I was going up to Seattle earlier this year and to see if she wanted to get together, but it never happened!

The more I’ve seen her pictures and seeing her posts from her best friends, the more heartbroken I was and I wish we could’ve spent more time together!

Today, I was able to attend her memorial service at Bergen Pappa’s Chapel in Fremont and visit her final resting place at Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward where my grandfather is currently at!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to attend, but this was something I couldn’t miss! I was definitely glad to pay my final respects to Lea and to reconnect with old classmates and this was without question the most tearful service.

It was especially hard for her best friends because they’ve been together at country concerts, travels, holidays, and other events, and I could imagine what it’s going to be like without Lea!

To give back to her friends and family, I donated a bunch of leftover cards from my card sale at Artist Alley and gave her one of my watercolor paintings! I felt like I needed to give my contribution to her in a huge way!

Lea, thanks again for all the memories we shared and we will always remember you!

In Loving Memory of Lea Adamovic (1993 – 2019)