Alameda County Fair Preview/Artist Alley Update

Yesterday, I attended the Alameda County Fair to get a sneak preview of Artist Alley and mainly to have fun!

In the Artist Alley, there wasn’t a whole lot of artists as I anticipated mainly because they either moved out before or they haven’t moved in the same week as me. Either way, I’m hoping to see a lot of great artists selling their work during the last week.

As for the fair itself, it’s one of America’s Pastimes during the summer with tons of carnival games, rides, exhibits, farm animals, concerts, and of course tons of fried junk food, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Out of everything I did at the fair, the highlight of it all was seeing my former Artist Alley Coordinators Melanie Johnston and Veronica Knowlton. Last year, Veronica never had an opportunity to buy anything from my booth mainly due to time restraints. However, she did stop by to check on me and I managed to give her a bunch of cards and a painting.

As for Melanie, she came to the booth twice and bought a painting for herself and her mom. I’m hoping that both of them come to the booth together this time.

Just a reminder that my card sale will be July 3 – 7. Here’s the price list of all the items I’ll be selling!



6 FOR $5








Don’t forget that it’s CASH ONLY!!!

Be sure to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to stop by and check out some amazing art and you don’t want to miss out on this!

Hope to see you there!