Washington DC Tour (Newseum & Other Places)

The first part of the Washington DC Tour got off to a late start due to some errands that had to be done. Once in DC, the first stop was a tour of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This museum was perfect for people interested in learning about the news that ranged from historic events, breaking news, and other topics along those lines through television, newspapers, or the internet.

My favorite exhibits included a behind the scenes look at a news studio and even getting a hands-on experience on being a news reporter.

Following the museum, a tour of the Union Station was another thing must see place.

This station is one of the most important train stations because they have a variety of trains that can take you to major destinations such as New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. Plus, this station is grand and has a variety of shopping and dining options to choose from!

Another dining destination I discovered was the Union Market. This open air-market has plenty of meats, cheese, produce, wine, and a variety of places to dine. This was one of the markets that I’ve never been to during any of my past visits to DC and was definitely worth it.

To top everything off, I had to endure this tour in the snow, which make the scene beautiful! This is only the beginning! There will be lots of more surprises waiting to be uncovered during the rest of my Washington DC Tour!